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14 Yoga Poses For Flexibility and Strength That You Can Do Every Morning


A lot of people especially men think Yoga is a women stuff. In fact, it was reported being dominated by women despite it can have health benefits both sexes.

However, that sort of thinking is not really correct as Yoga is for both men and women, young and old. Wrestler Chris Jericho is one of those men who get into Yoga and truly experience the many benefits of it. Yoga exercises or poses are more than just relaxation and light stretching.

When practiced daily, it can develop strength for the mind and body allowing both to work in harmony. Practicing Yoga can be considered a journey from weakness to strength in most instances.

Sun Salutation

In Yoga, there are numerous postures with each posture offering different benefits for the mind and body. Some postures are also key to help one reach or access deep reserve of inner fortitude that every human being possessed.

We’re only going to cover 14 poses that are demonstrated below to help one develop the stamina and strength to truly develop core power throughout one’s journey in Yoga practice.

The poses may not be for beginners, and if that’s the case, simply start slow and don’t mind if you can’t replicate the post for the first time. However, the goal is to over time become flexible and be able to do the poses with ease.

On the other hand, if the poses are too easy for you to perform, simply hold the pose for 1 minute while maintaining healthy alignment at the same time. This is to test one’s strength and steadiness of the mind and body coordination.

As mentioned earlier, there are numerous amazing postures in Yoga, but these 14 poses are chosen as these have foundational alignment, as well as stability required in order to master advanced poses should you choose to do so.

Integrate these Yoga pose exercises towards daily life chores to help experience a steady build-up of strength that endures a lifetime.

Strong and flexible muscles keep one’s body look youthful and develop an energetic mind. In short, Yoga is one of those effective, natural, and no side effects anti-aging remedy.

In fact, men and women seeking a boost in sexual libido may find Yoga helpful with enduring results. For men, mostly, a lot are looking for a solution to improve virility and masculinity. While taking natural male enhancement pills can be very helpful, it should be a healthful consideration to practice Yoga as part of maintaining a physically active body.

If you’re a beginner in Yoga, practice it with diligence. Be patient and eventually, you’ll be able to master it just like the others. You can also check the yoga poses for beginners.

In fact, even if you don’t master it and simply being able to do it comfortably is an amazing achievement, plus you’re reaping the health benefits of it including mental and spiritual benefits. The benefits continue to be multiply if Yoga is combine with meditation.

Morning Yoga Poses For Flexibility and Strength

Pose #1: Surya Namaskar / Sun Salutation – Do this times to warm up the entire body prior to moving on with asanas.

Pose #2: Leg Raises – A simple exercise to prepare for the asanas and also helps in strengthening the lower back and abdominal muscles.

Pose #3: Sirshasana / Headstand – it is one of the most powerful beneficial pose for both body and mind. I did some variations here. It is important to rest in child pose until the body is fully relaxed both before and after this pose.

Pose #14: Sarvangasana / Shoulderstand (the plough = halasana and the bridge = Sethu Bandhasana) – Very good for providing spine flexibility, as well as for arms and neck while releasing tension, at the same time.

Pose #5: Matsyasana / The Fish – This is a counter-pose to the previous pose, the shoulder-stand. This poses must be done or performed by doing the shoulder stand first.

Pose #6: Paschimothanasana / The Forward Bend – This pose is helpful for strengthening and sculpting the waist, hamstring stretching, restoring spine elasticity.

Pose #7: The Inclined Plane – This pose is helpful in strengthening the entire body literally from head to toes.

Pose #8: Cobra (Bhujangasana) / The Backbends – This provides strong stretches on the spine, as well as help strengthens the abdominal.

Pose #9: Ardha Matsyendrasana / The half Spinal Twist – This strengthens the spinal nerves and enhance digestive functions.

Pose #10: Anjaneyasana / The Splits – This helps brings the sense of symmetry and balance.

Pose #11: Kakasana / The Crow Variation – This pose is a powerful and effective for balancing.

Pose #12: Pada Hastasana / The Hands to Feet Pose – The benefits offered by this post are similar to that of Paschimothanasana. Always come back up slowly.

Pose #13: Trikonasana / The Triangle – This pose provides stretch to the spine, and strengthen the spinal nerves, at the same time.

Pose #14. Savasana / The Corpse Pose – This is the final or relaxation pose. This helps you relax deeply. It let the body sink to the earth lasting for at least 10 minutes. This pose is helpful in releasing tension, as well as helps enjoy the full benefit from all the previous poses.

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