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7 Steps On How To Split (Monkey Pose) [Hanumanasana]


Along with shoulder stand and head stand, splitting is probably one of the most pursuit pose. Fitness Magazine recently tweeted a 7-step way on how to split.

Additionally, it is helpful to know that split pose is also called a Money Pose [Hanumanasana – hah-new-mahn-AHS-anna]. So, you won’t be confused, or at least you know if your friends or read something online that they’re similar. Regular practice of the poses for Monkey Pose is vital for your effort on learning how to split.

Benefits of Split or Monkey Pose

Monkey pose strengthens, stretches, and releases tensions in muscles on the following including thighs, hamstrings, and groin areas. Additionally, splitting also stimulates and improves organ functions. Learning how to split and practicing it regularly is beneficial for making the hips flexible, which is also essential for mobility.

However, anyone who has injury within the groin area or hamstring should avoid practicing the monkey pose without a supervision of a qualified individual. You should always know your body’s limits and don’t push yourself beyond it. Of course, while practicing how to split it’s always a good idea to keep pushing a little be, but not too much.

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