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Alcoholic Women May Have Trouble Getting Pregnant

Alcohol Consumption on Female Fertility

So far, we’ve looked male fertility and the causes of low sperm count. When it comes to female fertility, high alcohol intake can have a negative impact. A Danish study published in the BMJ1 advised women not to drink alcohol if when planning for pregnancy.

What Causes Female Infertility

The American Association of Reproductive Medicine enumerates three main causes of male infertility such as ovulation and structural problems, and unexplained infertility.

Ovulation problem may be due to the aging process. But, of course, external causes particularly unhealthy lifestyle and exposure to harmful chemicals can disrupt hormones responsible for ovulation.

It’s not enough to eat healthily but recognizing harmful chemicals in the environment including home cleaning products is also essential. Today, lots of products including cleaning, cosmetics, and even storage containers like plastic bottles and food storage are made from harmful chemicals.

So, be careful and be aware of these things surrounding you. Sadly, these harmful chemicals are everywhere and that include the pesticides used in agriculture. Hence, always prefer organic produced whenever possible and avoid GMO foods.

What’s nefarious about these harmful chemicals particularly in cosmetics, they don’t just disrupt hormones and cause infertility, but cancers, as well. Make sure you educate yourself about the products you’re using because they may contain harmful chemicals.

Now, let’s go back to alcohol as it has negative impacts on women. The NIH recognized as an issue for women’s health. If you have an alcoholism issue, seeking a professional help is always a good idea especially if you’re planning to become a mother.

On the other hand, moderate drinking may not be an issue during pregnancy, but still, there are risks. So, it’s better to put an effort avoiding alcohol especially when it involves the health of a fetus or infant.

Another thing to consider quitting along with alcohol is cigarette smoking.

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