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Allocating The Best Time To Meditate


Most complaints from people who are interested in meditation, but don’t get started doing meditation or yoga say they don’t have time for it. When asked about their activities, they can easily enumerate their activities from the time they wake up until the time they retire in bed.

Then, the following morning, they end up the same thing and probably most of the time complaining about low energy, as well.

We can only do so much during the 24 hours in a day. However, fitting yoga or meditation into a daily living can be a powerful energy and self-confidence booster.

Based on personal experience which I’ve gotten from experts in yoga and meditation for many years, upon waking up in the morning is the best time to meditate. When I first started with yoga and meditation many years ago, I used to have a hard time, too.

However, I’ve decided to fit both in my daily life everyday for the rest of my life.

I admit the first week or so of doing it was a struggle, but as I notice how it positively affect my daily life such as boost energy, mood, and confidence, everything was starting became clear to me. When that happened, I started enjoying the activity and waking up in the morning 2 hours before I start my day.

If you’re not convinced by what Deepak Chopra said in the video above, watch and listen to this man who gave a very practical but wise advice for people who have difficulty fitting in yoga or meditation in their daily life.

His words resonated with me because I was in the same shoes of that person who asked the question how to fit yoga in daily life regardless of hectic schedules.

Moreover, one recent study found that regular meditation practice can increase awareness of the unconscious brain. This may affect your decision making from afraid of committing or making a decision to a wise decision maker.

This feels like you’re already there or knew it already before it happened. It may not be apparent, but unconsciously it is being processed.

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