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Boost Office Productivity With Regular Meditation Practice

Meditation Boost Office Productivity

Meditation is bringing focus to the modern working environment. It is a mindfulness practice, which dates back thousands of years ago. A regular meditation practice not only brings focus, keep stress at bay and eases worries but also boost office productivity.

The old-aged meditation practice is an effective way of developing and encouraging better focus for individual working in an office environment. If you’re working in an office, you know how stressful it is.

But with regular meditation practice, it keeps stress minimal while boosting concentration. These benefits lead to boost office productivity making employees more efficient and getting more things done.

Boost Office Productivity Through Mediation

Why Meditation Boost Office Productivity?

In one study[1] researchers find that meditation practice has positive changes in multitasking practices. Furthermore, the researchers encourage meditation practice in workplaces to take advantage of the benefits.

Meditation for office workers means teaching people ways to work calmly and handle difficult and demanding jobs while feeling less stress.This can lead to boost office productivity as well as good health and well-being for the employees.

Additionally, studies find that meditation is helpful in achieving a sense of restfulness. This makes employees more creative, productive, tranquil and happy. All these factors are known contributors to help boost office productivity.

Reasons To Implement Mindfulness Meditation In Offices

It’s clear that mindfulness meditation is a healthy practice and increases productivity. At home, it’s easy to implement a regular meditation practice.

In the office, however, implementing a mindfulness program can be difficult. But there are good reasons to implement it in workplaces. One thing is clear, it can help boost office productivity and make the office environment more appealing as it brings harmony to relationships between employees.

1. Better Decision Making

When it comes to making a decision, there is no substitute for a clear mind. A regular practice of meditation helps an individual achieve clarity in thinking, calmness and good mood.

Moreover, during meetings when everyone involves have mental clarity makes the meeting short and productive. Overall, whether the making small or big decisions is important as it can either make or break the future of the company.

Therefore, clarity of mind is essential.

2. Emotional Intelligence

With regular meditation practice, it not only allows better and effort control emotions but it is also easier to tune to other people’s emotion. It doesn’t mean you should feel and absorb the emotions of people around you but understand them.

During initial stages of meditation practice, this may not be apparent but consistent practice allows you to feel the energy of other people. You’ll notice that facial expressions and body language alone are enough to avoid tense situations.

Instead of confronting, you’ll be able to show empathy and able to connect with other employees making the environment happier, efficient and boost office productivity. Anyone can learn emotional intelligence over time, especially with regular meditation practice.

This is particularly helpful for employers and managers to be able to connect to their employees appreciating their value and what they do. In turn, it gives empowerment to employees making them more efficient and productive.

3. Presence

The primary goal of meditation practice is to be able to enjoy the present moment. Being present means easy to focus on what’s going on, right now. In business, focusing on current needs is vital while keeping unnecessary distractions out of sight.

A successful business depends on a disciplined and focused mind maximizing effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity.

4. Boosts Memory

A lot of people want to improve their memory. Why not? Having a good memory makes easy to remember names, facts, telephone numbers, appointments, etc. Being in a business environment, quick response when it comes to these matters is essential.

With a daily meditation practice, one can attain a boost in cognitive function. Meditation practice helps remove the clutter of the mind and stay focus on important things. Of course, eating certain foods like those rich in Omega-3 is helpful. But combining it with a regular meditation practice makes it more effective.

Consider this, good foods feed the brain and meditation exercises and trains the brain.

5. Better Listener

In the office especially if you’re the manager or the boss, it’s not only giving tasks is important but listening, too. Therefore, having the ability to listen attentively allows an environment where people can openly talk about the management and their fellow employees.

When you listen, the channel of open communication and respect is open. This is good to avoid hidden conflicts among employees and negative notions of employees towards the management. With meditation, becoming and attentive listener without judgment is easy to achieve.

6. Improves Leadership

This is particularly important for employers and managers. Being able to project positive energy towards the employees can have huge positive impact on the business and productivity.

Thoughts, feelings, and emotions are energy. Being able to control these energies within makes an individual a self-disciplined man or woman, which is an essential characteristic of a good leader.

Mindfulness meditation is one of the helpful ways of achieving self-discipline.

7. Attaining A Sense of Purpose

A life without a purpose has no excitement. Having a sense of purpose adds value to life. The best way to connect towards one’s life purpose is through listening in the silence. By making the mind silent, it is in this condition we receive intuition about our life’s purpose.

Hence, make it a habit to silent yourself daily particularly the time prior to bed and just after waking up in the morning. At these times, we often receive intuitions that can help us identify and find clarity of our life’s purpose.

Regular meditation practice at these times also allows us to see our visions of the future. What’s even more interesting when we find our sense of purpose is that at the end of every work day life becomes more meaningful.

In turn, it exemplifies our true passion and become more creative, feeling powerful and able to inspire others whether at work or home.

Stop, Breath and Empty Your Mind

Mindfulness meditation can be summarized in these three steps such as stop, take a deep breath, and empty your mind. Sounds easy, right? Yes, indeed it is easy. However, for those who are just getting started, it can be a bit difficult.

Fortunately, with continuous effort to practice, it can turn into a habit making it more effortless. Once it becomes a part of your daily routines, your day won’t be complete without doing mindfulness meditation.

Most likely you have a smartphone. In fact, you may be reading this article in your smartphone, right now. Well, if you do, make use of it. There are many apps available for meditation purposes. You’ll find them in AppStore and Google Play. Take advantage and make technology work to your advantage.

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