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The Camel Pose (Ustrasana) And Its Benefits For Relieving Back Pains

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One of the popular backbends is the Ustrasana better known as camel pose. It releases tension in the thoracic spine in the upper back. Regular practice of the Ustrasana results to flexibility. Hence, it helps relieve back pains particular in the upper back. Ustrasana

Benefits Camel Pose

As mentioned, it is beneficial for improving flexibility and relieve back pains.

However, that only a tip of the iceberg as Ustrasana has many more benefits.

Below is a list of health benefits by doing a regular practice of camel pose. To make the list complete, back pain relief is included.

  • Improves mobility and spine flexibility
  • Helps relieve lower back pain
  • Strengthens and stretches the back and shoulders
  • Good for opening up the hips and stretching deep hip flexors
  • Helpful for improving posture
  • Helpful for reducing and even eliminating fats on thighs
  • Stretches the following body parts; ankles, thighs, abdomen, throat, and chest
  • Stretches the groin area, which is potentially helpful for boosting sexual function
  • Stretches the abdominal area resulting to better digestion
  • Stimulates the body’s endocrine glands
  • Helps in opening the chest resulting in improvement in respiration
  • For women, it helps release tension in the ovaries
  • Loosens up the vertebrae
  • Strengthens both arms and thighs
  • Tones organs on the abdomen, neck and pelvis
  • Helps cure constipation
  • Helps in balancing, healing, and opening the chakras
  • Boosts overall health and wellness

How To Do Camel Pose?

Camel Pose Modifications For Beginners

For beginners, doing the full camel pose may be difficult. If you have difficulty performing the camel pose for the first time, check these modifications below.

Continue practicing on a regular basis until you’ll be able to perform the full camel pose and even go beyond it as many others do.

Practice camel pose regularly. If you find it difficult to perform the full camel pose, do the modifications and consistently practice it until you can do full camel pose. Regular yoga practice is beneficial.

There are even men and women who religiously practice yoga in their 90’s, which very inspirational. So, why not start doing it today?

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