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Introductory Guide To Chakra Meditation

Jarrett Scott (TheTwenty.Org)

Health is wealth, though it’s intangible, it is vital to our daily life and it should be a priority. I mean, look at this way, you have all the money and everything you want in life, but if you’re sick, you’re not going to enjoy what you have and what life unfolds in the future.

So, take care of your health, and not just taking medicine, but through healthy lifestyle and learning how the body’s potential in healing itself.

In our modern age society, the majority of the people are doing what they can to stay healthy by getting a perfect balance of various chemicals within their bodies. I’m talking about supplementation and medications.

Personally, I think there’s nothing wrong with it, but what I prefer personally is to consider natural means of staying healthy in mind, body, and spirit(energy, or Qi). To do so, it’s not difficult, but not many people are doing it. Perhaps its simplicity has been overlooked by many or due to its simplicity…ignorance of its benefits prevail.

Therefore, learn how to relax and control emotions through consistent meditation practice, as well as performing Yoga exercises. Keep in mind, the emotion like anger can hugely contribute a declining health condition resulting to disease and eventually anxiety and stress.

Through meditation, one will be able to control anger, minimize stress and anxiety, as well as balanced spiritual awareness to promote better health and wellness, as well as learning how to allow the body heal itself.

There are numerous positive health benefits of meditation, proven in both modern sciences and through people practicing it for a long time even during the early civilizations, particularly in Eastern cultures.

Nowadays, many men and women are involved in doing various kinds of meditation including “Chakra Meditation”. This type of meditation is helpful in balancing mind, body, spirit to work in harmony and achieve inner peace.

Through meditation, one can effectively control emotions, relax mind and body, and learn how to handle negative emotions like anger. Calm and peaceful individuals seem to never get angry because they know how to handle and dissipate its negative power.

In other words, when one learns how to calm, relax and achieve inner peace, all the energy are channeled towards something useful instead of being wasted to non-sense emotions like anger and without focus.

People in the modern age should learn how to meditate, and it’s not difficult. For starters, Chakra meditation is truly helpful as it’s easy to follow along and relaxing.

Today, increasingly more people are feeling stressed than it was decades ago. Comparing between people who live in urban areas and those who live in rural areas, urban lifestyle is far more stressing. In this situation, meditation is helpful.

Anyone who is having difficulty controlling emotions, problems in relaxing, or perhaps want to experience oneness, try chakra meditation. Recently, Chakra meditation has been gaining popularity due to the health benefits it offers. It is a fact, better health results to a happier and more fulfilling life.

Doing Chakra meditation for at least half an hour day is a good starting point. And, while the music provided at the end of this article can span up to 4-hours, it is not necessary to finish it at once. Do it 30 minutes each day, and the rest the next day. Doing Chakra Meditation daily contributes to achieving spiritual healing, emotional stability, and inner peace.

Chakra meditation is easy and anyone can do it. All that is required is sit, listen and focus on the music. Although, starters are likely to get distracted initially, but with a constant effort to focus, one can learn how to quiet the mind, focus and disconnect chaos from the outside world. Achieving inner peace is the goal of doing meditation daily.

Knowing the Chakras of the body is essential towards mastering meditation as these Chakra(energy centers) can be used at a later time especially when healing or simply experiencing an uplifting feeling. It’s fun, it’s relaxing.

Seven Chakras of the Body

(1) Shasrara (crown); (2) Ajna (between brows); (3) Vishudda (throat); (4) Anahata (heart); (5) Manipura (navel); (6) Svadisthana (sacral); and (7) Muladhara (root)


Knowing where these Chakras (energy centers) located in the body can be very helpful in the long run. In due time, one will learn ow to pen up these seven energy centers one after the other or all at once to promote better health and wellness for the physical body, peace and harmony in mind, body, and spirit.

In addition, practicing the right breathing technique can help one achieve better with Chakra Meditation. There are lots of instructional videos and courses online including YouTube teaching how to do Chakra meditation, or simply listen to the music provided at the end of this article.

Otherwise, if you have the budget and time, enroll in a Yoga and Meditation school in your area to a better experience with the guidance of an expert.

Meditation Music For Chakra Activation and Healing

It is always best and recommended to listen to the music using a headset or headphone. Don’t be too attached to the title especially the healing part. This is no magic, but listening to it regularly is the secret along with a positive outlook.

Of course, doing quieting or meditating without the music is an amazing skill to learn. However, there are times when it’s difficult to get centered, and listening to music such as this can be very soothing and helpful.

Personally, I listen to this kind of music if I have difficulty getting centered to quiet myself. Once, centered and quiet… I gradually began to meditate the normal way meaning without music but myself sitting still.

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