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Cigarettes Contain Additives That Most People (Even Smokers) Are Unaware Especially The Health Risks Associated

Cigarette Ingredients and Chemicals

According to childstats.gov, more than 3,200 young individuals below 18 years old who smoke for the first time and that’s happening every day. In addition, 2,100 youth and young adults who smoke occasionally, but eventually turned into daily smokers. Unfortunately, none of these young men and women are aware of the danger they’re going to encounter ahead.

There are close 600 chemicals as additives in cigarettes aside tobacco, and these additives have pharmachological actions according to the American Public Health Association.

The majority of the new and first-time smokers are not aware of the health risks and how a simple curiosity to smoke can turn into a life-long habit. Cigarette smoking has been found to increase risk and cause the following health conditions including lung diseases, stroke, diabetes, heart disease, cancers, even the not so apparent male infertility, and male sexual health in general.

Moreover, some people reported smoking can also worsen a male penile health condition called Peyronie’s disease. This unhealthy habit is also responsible for over 480,000 deaths annually in the United States alone.

The World Health Organization estimated there were close to 1.3 billion smokers around the world and that data was taken over a decade ago in 2003. The numbers of smokers globally as projected can reach up to 1.7 billion smokers by 2020 and around 1 billion smokers will die from smoking in the 21st century.

Despite the apparent dangers and horrible effects, cigarette smoking is still a popular past time habit. Perhaps, the reason even though smokers are aware of the health risks is that they’re not aware of what’s in the cigarette they’re smoking.

What’s In The Cigarette?

In 2006, History Channel aired Modern Marvels Ep. 56 entitled Tobacco. It is in this documentary where the ingredients of a cigarette were revealed, and it was shocking to know that aside from tobacco, which most people know, there are other chemicals added in cigarettes as additives in order to enhance its flavors, and make it more addictive?

Another sad fact, these so-called light and low-tar cigarettes didn’t do any better or safer, but as a matter of fact, they’re more deadly much like the diet version of sodas. During the past years particularly in 1998, there are lawsuits against the tobacco companies. And, in 1998, one lawsuit succeeded in making the tobacco companies pay over 200 billion dollars over a period of 25 years. More on details on this story at this video;

What the Tobacco Companies Didn’t Warn The Public About?

The Tobacco Industry’s Defense

…but do cigarette manufacturers and the tobacco industry in general telling the truth? Without further digging deeper into the subject, and not really pondering about its effects, most people think the tobacco industry care for its patrons and future smokers, and that cigarette smoking is a way of helping people to relax.

However, the World Health Organization released a document detailing the released documents from the tobacco industry on its astonishing systematc corporate deceit of all time. These are the words from WHO written on that document entitled “Tobacco Explained”. Here’s a quick excerpt of the document’s contents.

WHO Tobacco Explained

There are more of these documentaries, reports, and studies about the health risks of cigarette smoking. Now, I guess it’s appropriate to say that tobacco itself is different from cigarettes. However, note that smoking cigar instead of a cigarette is not a safer alternative either.

Hence, better avoid smoking and replace it with something healthy like eating healthy nuts in moderation, of course. In fact, eating unsalted nuts is one of ways recommended for people who are struggling to quit smoking.

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