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Common Things And Stuff That Can Either Make Your Blood Pressure and Sugar Level Higher Or Lower

Blood Sugar and Pressure Level

If you’re wondering what causes your blood pressure to rise and drop, here are a few of the very common things that can cause that. Why would you want to know these? Well, it may not be necessary at all especially if you’re dependent on your health care provider, or have a personal doctor or nurse on your side who is constantly checking on you.

However, if you take full responsibility for your health and wellness, and want to know which ones can either rise or drop blood pressure, the list below is a good starting point.

This list is not comprehensive, but hopefully, it would create some sort of curiosity on your part and set out to learn more about things that can worsen or maintain a good blood pressure level. But, first, let us look at what is a blood pressure level and why you should care?

Now, let’s go over to the list, but we’ll exclude salt here because you’ve seen how salt affect blood pressure as presented in the video due to its water retention property. So, let’s start…


Caffeine you get from drinking coffee can temporary raise blood sugar on healthy individuals. One study found that here is no evidence linking caffeine from coffee can lead to long-term high blood pressure. However, researchers found an acute increase in blood pressure on hypertensive individuals. Another study confirmed it, as well.

So, a person who has hypertension may want to avoid coffee consumption, or perhaps other caffeinated drinks that contained a high level of caffeine like energy drinks. Fortunately, healthy individuals can continue to enjoy coffee and reap the many benefits of it.


Feeling stress can take a strike on blood sugar levels especially stress related to work, which is the most common form of stress experienced by the majority. During times when a person experiences a stressful situation and feeling overwhelmed, the body releases a hormone that can trigger an increase in blood pressure. People with type 2 diabetes usually experience stress. One way to effectively de-stress is to practice relaxation and deep breathing exercises.

However, in order to make the most of both relaxation and deep breathing benefits, it should be done a few times daily whether feeling stressed or not. Regular exercise like strength or resistance training is also helpful. Additionally, try to avoid things that can trigger stress or a stressful situation, which is a great way to minimize stress to a manageable level. Keep in mind, stress is inevitable. It’s a part of life, but controlling ourselves on how to react in times of stressful situations is key to keeping it at a minimal level. In fact, if you ask Dr. John Eliot, creator of The Maverick Mindset said stress is not the enemy, but an ally.


There’s no doubt, exercise is good for us, and health experts and fitness professionals agree with it. However, an individual with diabetes should take enough caution when exercising, and their blood pressure. Working out hard that raises the heartbeat can trigger a fluctuation in blood sugar. Exercises that are intense like high-intensity interval training and endurance exercises like cardio can drop the blood pressure for at east 24 hours after doing the exercise.

One tip from experts is to snack or eat something healthy prior to working out. And, if you’re worried, have your blood pressure and blood sugar checked before and after performing the exercise.


A normal cold may not affect blood pressure, but a severe cold can cause an increase in blood sugar level as the body’s immune system is trying to protect itself and fight the cold. Staying hydrated when you have a cold is helpful. Drinking natural medicine like honey with cinnamon, or apple cider vinegar can help eliminate the cold. However, if the cold is persistent and causes vomiting and loose bowel movement continues for at least 2 hours, seek medical assistant from your doctor.


There are foods even though they’re sugar-free but still, raises blood sugar due to the starch contents. The starches are carbohydrates, and when ingested, the body converts it to glucose, which is basically another term for sugar. If you’re sensitive to starchy foods, make sure you minimize or avoid it.


We’ve mentioned cold earlier particularly severe cold can affect blood pressure. Cold medications specifically decongestants containing either phenylephrine or pseudoephedrine can raise blood sugar because they contain little sugar, but still enough to affect blood sugar level. Antihistamines, on the other hand, it doesn’t affect blood sugar level. The next time you purchase a decongestant, try to ask the pharmacist about its potential side-effects. So, you’ll be aware.


Individuals with diabetes can experience a significant drop in blood sugar level while sleeping especially when a person is on insulin, and this is dangerous. Those who have diabetes are advised to check blood sugar level prior to sleeping, and again upon waking up. So, pay attention to the advised from your doctor.

To learn more about blood pressure, watch this video by Dr. Stephen Sinatra;

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