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Control Your Food Cravings with Yoga


There are countless benefits of practicing yoga. Among the few benefits mentioned earlier include improved mobility and flexibility, back pain relief, increased antioxidants naturally, weight loss, and among many others.

If you have problems on your relationship with food, yoga may by a potential solution to controlling food cravings. Prevention Magazine mentioned a few poses that can help control the urges to eat more.

According to a study conducted by Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center found that people who do yoga tend to eat more mindfully than those who don’t.

Mindful eating is one of the most effective ways to prevent obesity. The study said that people to overeat tend to respond to their anxiety and not necessarily because they’re hungry.

In a different study published in Science Magazine found that imagining the food first before eating it can also help curb food cravings. Hence, practicing both yoga and meditation can have a positive effect on eating habits and could a good solution to prevent overeating.

2 Poses Helpful For Curbing Food Cravings

There are a wide variety of poses you can practice to curb food cravings. However, let us not complicate things especially for those who are planning on utilizing yoga for this purpose. These poses can be done anywhere and anytime when needed.

Standing Forward Bend

If you find yourself in front of a food shelf or fridge, pause and think. Let this moment slows you down and avoiding touching any food. Most probably, you’ll be facing with unhealthy and sugary foods.

Pause for a few moments, and when your body and mind slows down, do a standing forward bend instead of picking a food. This simple pose helps in calming the brain and reducing stress level.

You may not be able to touch your toes all the way, but the more often you do it, you’ll soon be able to do so. Here’s how to do a forward bend pose.

Child’s Pose

The next relaxing pose for decompressing your mind is the child’s pose. When you’re relaxed, you’ll be able to reflect on the various emotions driving your cravings to eat. Take a few minutes and let yourself focus on doing the child’s pose.

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