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Dry Skin and Body Brushing As Morning Routine

Dry Brushing Health Benefits

One of the best morning routine to do is dry skin brushing. Dry brushing the entire body provides lots of amazing health benefits both internally and externally, and it’s fun to do specially if you get a hang of it. I wouldn’t be sharing much in terms of explanation because the dry skin brushing videos I’ve included in this post are pretty much detailed the process. However, I would like share a bit about dry skin brushing. It’s a form of an Ayurvedic medicinal practice [1] — [2] that facilitates proper blood circulation, and removing of dead skin cells that consist the outer most layer of the skin.

Also, I encourage you to watch the videos embedded on this article specially the first one below. It is essential to brush towards in the direction of the heart. Begin brushing from the body extremities and working the brushing inwards and covering the entire body. Dry skin and body brushing can either be done prior or post shower. Although, most whom I’ve known do it prior to shower.

Ladies and gents, if you want… you can do dry skin brushing on your private parts. Of course, you have to pay extra attention to be more gentle on those areas specially for women. Men, on the other hand, can either do dry brushing or a better way of doing it is through some form of penile exercises, which are not only for the purpose of achieving size gains, but for penile health therapy purposes, as well.

Dry skin brushing leaves the skin feeling a lot smoother. The noticeable difference can be felt after drying off. Additionally, applying a moisturizer adds and retains the suppleness of the skin. Dry skin brushes can be obtain from supermarkets, and body shop stores, or you can shop online at Amazon.com where you can choose a wide variety of dry skin and body brushes.

As a side note, pick a skin brush that is suitable for exfoliating, but you don’t want it too rough for the skin that it might irritate it and discourage you from further doing it. Dry loofah is also very good fro brushing the skin and body dry as they works similarly to brushes. On the contrary, don’t use too soft brushes as it might not do its intended purpose.

Benefits Of Dry Skin Brushing

Dry Skin Brush Deals @Amazon.com

How To Do Dry Skin Brushing

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