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Genetically Modified Organisms(GMO) Causes Adverse Health Effects In The Long Run

GMO Health Risks

Breeding and modification of plants have been done for a long time through “cisgenic”, meaning both plants are in the same species. In the 1970’s according to Harvard’s quick history of GMO technology, “transgenic” modification begun, meaning a DNA of a certain species is inserted into DNA of a different species. To explain further, let us listen to what Scientific American explains…

What Is GMO and How It’s Made?

The technology seems an amazing achievement of humankind where scientists can selectively pick a particular DNA of certain species say a plant and insert it into a DNA of an animal as we’ve seen in the video. However, while this technology looks noble, it only sparks debates regarding its safety for human consumption. Biotech companies like Monsanto claimed GMO is safe. However, many don’t agree with GMO safety including Jeffrey Smith of Institute of Responsible Technology as he explained;

Unfortunately, the majority of the food products today in the U.S. sold in supermarkets like canned, packaged, bottled, and even fresh produced like soybeans and corn are GMOs. Not only that, many of these foods are now part of many other products including supplementation. Hence, if you’re taking supplements or planning of taking make sure there are no GMO ingredients included.

As Jeffrey Smith explained, it causes many health problems including disruption of gut microbiome resulting to a weakened immune system, and even damage the mitochondria. If you want to watch and listen to Jeffrey Smith’s talks on GMO, you can go to YouTube where you can find his videos. And, help spread the word in order to make people aware with its hidden danger.

Long-Term Study Found The Dangers Of GMO

Gilles-Eric Séralini and his colleagues at Caen University in France conducted a study way longer than the scientists of Monsanto did. According to Séralini and his colleagues, Monsanto’s scientists conducted safety research on GMO only for a period of 3 months. Shockingly, Séralini found that beyond 4 months, symptoms of tumors started to appear. They documented their study in which a quick summary is shown in the video below.

Séralini and his team were able to successfully published their study findings, but it was later retracted due to letters from other scientists and researchers questioning the validity of the study and requesting retraction. However, the findings they presented through this video below are shocking.

In addition, there are many campaigns smearing the reputation of Gilles-Eric Séralini and his team, and some ended up in a lawsuit. And, it seems the truth is always prevailing as they win and their study was once again published.

There is so much to talk about GMO, and everyone who is concern about it encouraged to share and tell people to raise awareness. There are documentaries you can watch online covering GMO topics and learn more about it. The more you get involved by simply learning and making yourself aware, you can help those fighting against monopolizing the food supply. And, what’s more… GMO extends beyond food supply as biotech companies are now in the process of replacing native forests by planting GMO trees.

Here are some of the documentaries that talked about genetically modified organisms (GMO) in both foods and trees. These documentaries are based on actual people’s stories and their experiences about GMO and the giant biotech company, Monsanto.

Percy Schmeiser vs Monsanto

Percy Schmeiser is a Canadian farmer who sued Monsanto. His story proves how powerful Monsanto is and how Percy Schmeiser won over his case against the giant Biotech company.

The Silent Forest

This is a documentary about the process of cutting down native forests replacing organic trees with genetically modified trees for the sole purpose of business and profits. It’s called the silent forest because there are no other organisms exist in GMO trees as it kills every organism because the trees themselves produce toxic chemicals to kill weeds and insects called Bacillus Thuringiensis, or BT toxins. Experts call it the green desert, and these trees suck up so much water that it affects the water supply of the surrounding areas affecting both people and livestock living nearby the GMO forest.

Lastly, Dr. Edward Group of Global Healing Center outlined his 6 steps GMO detoxification process.

  • 1st Step – Restrict all GMO foods and food products. Eat organic-based diet.
  • 2nd Step – Do an intestinal cleanse.
  • 3rd Step – Repopulate the gut with good bacteria by eating organic kefir, fermented foods, or taking good probiotic supplementation.
  • 4th Step – Liver and gall bladder cleanse.
  • 5th Step – Parasite cleanse.
  • 6th Step – Chemical and toxic metal cleanse.

With all the bad news, there’s still hope that it’s possible for anyone to get out of a GMO burden. The first step is to take charge and decide to go on a fully organic diet, which means eating foods that are not genetically modified, or pesticides and herbicide-laden crops.

Most organic produced can be obtained from local farmers, or if you have an available space with soil, plant your own vegetables. The GMO battle is one among we should look after because there are other health risks out there including antibiotics and those being used in animal farming.

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