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The Importance and Vital Role of Good Bacteria Play Within The Human Body For Physical and Mental Health


Most of us were raised with cleanliness in mind through the use of antibacterial both internal and external used including antibiotics. For years, we have no idea even experts how important the types of bacteria that reside in and out of our body. However, recent research has found the importance of good bacteria in our body when it comes to keeping us healthy and well.

Unfortunately, when we used antibacterial and antibiotic stuff, we not only kill the bad bacteria but the good bacteria, as well. This good community of bacteria particularly those living in our gut are vital for our health maintenance. Experts call these the gut microbiome. It boosts our immune system to provide and maintain protection not only to the body but for the brain, as well.

Yes, you’ve heard it right! The gut microbiome has a vital role to play when it comes to mental wellness. Experts call this link the Gut-Brain Axis, which is probably why we say to trust our gut. It makes sense, right?

The information we’ve got on gut microbiome through various research by experts seem to be a lot, but in reality, we only barely scratch the surface of the vastness of its function. Know this, the number of gut bacteria outnumbered the number of cells in our body, 100 to 1.

We know now that it plays a huge role in mental and psychological wellness, which is pretty useful for mental hygeine.

The good news, it easy to get back the gut microbiome balance through healthy eating and lifestyle. The bad news, not many people are doing it. In fact, the majority of the people today are eating unhealthy foods, plus unhealthy lifestyle like becoming sedentary and smoking and drinking alcohol. Probably, that’s one reason depression is very common today along with cognitive health issues.

Maintaining The Proper Balance of Gut Microbiota

The first and foremost when it comes to taking care of the gut is living a healthy lifestyle like eating clean and healthy, getting enough sleep nightly, maintaining regular physical activity, and even regular intake of quality supplementation.

Below is a list of DOs and DONTs on how to get started taking back your gut health. Knowing what to avoid and engage doing is key to taking of our important asset in the body, the gut microbiota/microbiome. For some men, it may mean boosting their sexual health because some are thinking they can isolate the issue by targeting a specific problem, but in fact, targeting overall wellness is the true key to perpetual health.

What To AVOID To Supports And Nurture Good Bacteria

1. Antibiotics

Antibiotics obliterate the gut bacteria. Sure, they kill the bad bacteria, but it doesn’t selectively kill and also destroys the good ones. Unless for some reasons it’s necessary to take it, do so. But, always try to find a way to avoid antibiotics. Eating fermented foods and probiotics are the best options.

2. Meat From Mass Animal Farming

Meat products from mass-farmed or produced animals because these animals received a huge dosage of antibiotics, and not to mention the foods being fed to them that are likely to be genetically-modified (GMO). All the effects that this stuff gets into the animals are carried into our body when we eat their meats.

Learn more: http://bit.ly/1Q90izM

Posted by Dr. Joseph Mercola on Thursday, January 14, 2016

3. Highly Processed Foods

Highly processed foods that include ingredients that are harmful when consumed in the long-term. Many of these ingredients are very difficult to read and pronounce, but most commonly used unhealthy ingredients include a high amount of refined sugars, dead nutrients from ingredients for preservation and taste purposes, refined carbohydrates that can load up excessive calories beyond the body can burn.

Chemical-Laden Plant Foods

Foods that are heavily applied with agricultural chemicals like that can severely hurt the gut. Instead, opt for organic produced, but if it’s really difficult to obtain true organic food sources, make sure to wash those heavily chemicalized produced in water with apple cider or white vinegar, salt, or baking soda. Soak them for a few minutes, and wash thoroughly to remove pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals used during the growing process.

4. Personal Care Products

Antibacterial soap, shampoos, hand and dishwashing because these can kill both bad and good bacteria in the body. Yes, good bacteria also exist on the surface of our skin and scalp. In fact, the consistent used of these antibacterial stuff result to today’s antibiotic resistant diseases.

Fermented Vegetables Cookbook

What TO DO To Supports And Nurture Good Bacteria

1. Eat Fermented Foods

Aim to eating more fermented foods particularly vegetables and drinks like natto(fermented soy, but make sure the soy is not genetically modified), and kefir. If you decide to ferment vegetables on your own, which is possible like the very popular kimchi, make sure you have a good fermented cookbook to get started. Fermented vegetables are rich in live enzymes including of course probiotics, and vitamin K.

2. Probiotic Supplements

Regular intake of probiotics supplement. Supplements are useful especially if you’re not yet eating foods that rich in probiotics for some reasons like unavailability. However, it’s important to aim eating real and whole foods. This is when probiotics supplements are essential. We’ve listed below the top probiotics supplements from Amazon. Check them out at the end of this article.

3. Eat Foods High In Dietary Fibers

Eat foods that contain a high amount of dietary fiber like fresh fruits and vegetables including sprouted seeds of mung beans and brussels sprouts. Whole foods are amazingly high in dietary fibers that the gut microbiome loved. If you choose to juice, it’s OK, but make sure you don’t just drink juice all the time, but also eat whole fruits and vegetables.

When I talk about juicing, I mean you juice it yourself and not the bottled ones available. There are numerous juicers that you can use particularly the centrifugal juicers that are better than revolution juicers.

4. Dirt Contact

Get in contact with the soil when gardening. Don’t be afraid to touch the soil. Sure they look dirty because that’s what we’re taught, but in reality, the soil is rich in good bacteria. If you get used to this, you’ll surely be thinking later that a germ-free living is not that ideal. Know that there is a difference between bacteria and viruses.

Immerse yourself with good bacteria. Do you notice those little kids playing with dirt, and yet they’re fine? Of course, eating dirt is a different story, but having in contact with the soil is absolutely fine, plus this is your way of connecting to the earth.

5. Breathe of Fresh Air

Open up your windows to allow natural and fresh air to flow into the house. This may not be ideal if you’re living in an environment where air pollution is rampant. However, bringing live plants inside the house will do. This keeps us connected with nature and our connection with nature plays a vital role for our health.

6. Wash Dishes By Hand

Wash the dishes by hand and avoid using the dishwasher. One study found that washing the dishes traditionally by hand leaves more good bacteria on the dishes than washing them in a dishwasher. These bacteria on the plates are actually helpful on stimulating the body’s immune system.

Plus, another study found handwashing the dishes is a great form of mindfulness practice. So, you get the best of both.

Final Thoughts

As you may have noticed, the real key to better gut health is living a healthy lifestyle including getting enough sleep, maintain physical activity, and conscious monitoring on the foods being consumed.

The foods we eat makes a huge difference to either destroy or cultivate our gut health. Whole foods that contains a wide variety of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals along with high amount of dietary fibers and live enzymes are all vital for gut health.

Of course, taking probiotics supplementation is another key.

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