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HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training Anti-Aging Benefits

High-Intensity Interval Training

HIIT or high-intensity interval training is a type of workout involving intense but short bursts of physical activity. This exercise comprises several workouts in short bursts done in series with quick rests in between as an interval. HIIT is popular and effective for weight loss but one study1 says it has beneficial anti-aging benefits.

High-intensity interval training or many people simply call it interval training has many health benefits. There are many studies that support the health benefits of HIIT including brain health2.

High-Intensity Interval Training Anti-Aging Benefits

How Does HIIT Slows Down Aging?

Mayo Clinic researchers say that HIIT boosts metabolism, burns fat, and build muscles. And, in their findings, HIIT reverses the effect of aging at a cellular level.

There are exercise physiologists who believed that HIIT has some sort of similar benefits as aerobics but occurs at the cellular level. Until these days, there has been little known about the specific impact of physical exercise on the cells.

However, one clear thing that researchers discovered is that high-intensity exercises can affect and boosts cell functions. It helps the cells rebuild their inner functions including organelles that deteriorate with age.

This data in which researchers found the benefit of high-intensity interval training is promising. However, it is up to us to do our homework and do high-intensity interval training on a regular basis.

Of course, exercise alone won’t be much benefit without combining with a healthy eating routine. So, don’t just do high-intensity interval training to slow down aging, but eat healthy, as well.

Furthermore, while HIIT is that beneficial for anti-aging, it’s not good to do it daily. Experts recommend that doing HIIT 3 times a week is ideal. Hence, on those other days, you can do yoga, or even insert the whole body vibration training, which has also a lot of health benefits.

As always, if you have sort of health issues, consult your doctor before beginning a HIIT routine.

High-Intensity Interval Training Routine Sample

If HIIT is new to you, it might be a good idea to show an example of high-intensity interval training. For beginners who have not done HIIT or any sort of high-intensity training in the past, the popular scientific workout is a good start.

This workout routine takes around 7 to 10 minutes to complete. Don’t stress yourself following exactly the video demonstration especially if it is your first time. Initially, you may find it intense.

If you find it too intense, adjust yourself by decreasing the number of repetitions. However, don’t be comfortable with it. As you feel more confident, increase the reps until you will be able to follow the video.

Here is a good example of HIIT. This routine is good as it does not involve using any equipment. In fact, you can do this exercise at home or anywhere you want even while traveling inside your hotel room.

Again, as a reminder, it is not ideal to do HIIT on a daily basis. So, do it every other day achieving a 3 to 4 times HIIT routine per week. Moreover, always aim to stay active and avoid excessive hours of inactivity.

If you find yourself bored, get up and take a walk while enjoying nature. It is one of the most stress-relieving activity everyone should do. Plus, even with just 10 minutes of extra activity daily can contribute to health and longevity.

Of course, always make good nutrition a part of your overall healthy lifestyle practices.

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