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How Addiction Can Affect A Person’s Weight and Overall Health Condition

Addiction and Obesity

In the previous article I’ve written just before this article has been published, I briefly covered how positive thinking can affect one’s health and wellness. Reading some articles online about health and wellness, I’m surprise someone has sent out a mass email(I think) and one of those emails landed on my inbox with topics talking about addiction and its affects on obesity.

Digging a bit further, I’ve found this interview with Nora Volkow, MD who is the director of NIDA(National Institute on Drug Abuse).

The video above lead me to another of her video at TEDMed just this January 2015. Very recent, indeed…and lots of good and helpful information specially on those people who want to break-free from addition of any sort like food, drugs, or alcohol, and even for medical professionals, as well.

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