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How Right Thinking and Emotion Affects One’s Health and Wellness

Right Thinking and Emotion for Wellness

Only a few among all humans recognized and harnessed the power of the mind, and I’m referring to thinking. Philosophers as far as history has recorded all agreed a person is what he is because of how he thinks. We heard this statement from great teachers and philosophers even with our modern age of information technology… “We become what we think about”.

A lot of people associate right thinking in our modern times to achieving success, and particularly to financial success. However, right thinking is not only for financial success, but for success in everything we think we perceived positively. Based on personal experience, I have more success on health and wellness with right thinking than financial achievements, although it now comes hand-in-hand. Fortunately, not only philosophers agreed about right thinking affects one’s health and wellness, but modern medical professionals are now also beginning to understand the power of thinking.

In fact, science in general is beginning to explore the profound positive effects of thinking to affect every aspect on a person’s life. In addition, some weird stuff going from people who declined to accept there is nothing that can be done for gains when it comes to certain body parts like those involved in male enlargements, which pretty much using the combination of mind and physical effort to achieve the results. Few able to achieve good and permanent results, while many failed just as in the financial aspect I guess, and so does with health and wellness.

Of course, there is a pre-requisite of right thinking in order to positively affect health and wellness, which is healthy lifestyle practice. Anyone could think positively and rightfully, but he or she doesn’t take any action to complement it, sure failure is inevitable. On the other hand, the combination of right thinking and persistent action achieves wonder in health, wealth, and among other aspects of human being.

Further Readings

There is so much to read on this topic, so I’m providing additional resources on this topic. At first, it’s difficult to practice and stick, but as you do it more and more often, it becomes an integral part of your daily activities.

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