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Minimize Your Sugar Consumption By Identifying The Sources And The Many Names It Hides From

Recognizing Sugar Names

Sugar is everywhere and on almost on any products displayed on stores contain some level of added sugars. Sadly, majority of these products contained too much added sugars beyond the normal limit of human consumption. Most people recognized added sugars on sweetened beverages, but it doesn’t stop there. Common household package foods like pasta sauce, cereals for breakfast which thought to be healthy is loaded with added sugar, crackers and among many others. You name a product found in a supermarket, chances they have added sugars even a salad dressing labelled “healthy” has added sugar.

Why Is Added Sugar Bad For The Body?

Excessive intake of added sugar can set havoc on health. Natural sugar from fruits provided the fruits is eaten is healthy. Juicing actual fruits is also good, but still highly recommended to eat whole fruits for the body to benefit from other nutrients like fiber. Natural sugar from fruits enters the body and go through natural process and slow absorption. This is not the case of added sugars like corn syrup, and artificial sweeteners.

Refined sugars are added to food products to make it taste too. Unfortunately, a little consumption of the food like a donut for example along with a can of soda and not to mention various other sugary snacks eaten along with the donut, or breakfast with cereals exceed the total amount of recommended sugar intake for the entire day in just one sitting. This can lead to various metabolic conditions like heart diesease, high-blood pressure, diabetes, dementia, weight gain, and even cancer. In men, excessive sugar can even lead to a decrease in testoterone according to a study. Another study suggests some sugar-types can lead to depression.

A deit containing high amount of added sugar is linked to death caused by heart disease regardless the person is overweight or not. During holiday season, sugars are everywhere and so much present as well during specialy occasions and events where foods are abundance.

Refined sugars are problematic because they’re digested pretty quickly bypassing the normal process of digestion, and hence absorb by the body rapidly causing a spike in blood sugar level. This spike of sugar level in the blood stream trigges the pancreas to work hard and pump more insulin. If the pancreas cannot keep up the demand, high level of sugar present in the blood stream cause many health problems including the very common one, diabetes.

Another bad thing added sugars do to the body is it cause inflammation all over, raises the triglycerides(fat in the blood stream), and heighten the level of dopamine in the brain. The increased of dopamine in the brain makes the person high just like taking cocaine or other addictive substances resulting to wanting more. If this is not stopped, the cycle continues and health dramatically suffers.

What Can You Do?

AHA(American Heart Association) recommends 36 grams of both natural and added sugar equivalent to 9 teaspoons for men; and 24 grams equivalent to 6 teaspoons for women. So, if you’re often eating packaged foods, always read the labels and make sure you don’t exceed the recommended intake for the day.

What happens for most people, they consumed way beyond the recommended intake in just one sitting. Why not? Let’s take for example, a can of soda contains more or less 10 teaspoons of added sugar, and if you drink 4 cans in a day, you quadruple your sugar intake without having any fiber.

This is not the problem for people who consumed whole foods, however. So, if you want to minimize sugar consumption start avoiding packaged foods today, or at least begin minimizing your consumption and opt for whole foods as a major part of your typical diet.

The Many Names Sugar Hides From

Unfortunately, food labels don’t always reveal the truth. Yes, it says sugar, but sometimes it also reveal some ingredients we thought are cool, but they’re indeed added or refined sugars. So, to be aware of these names where sugar is hiding from, here are a few names you should be vigilant when reading food labels.

Sugar Names

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