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Foods You Should Be Eating To Stay Healthy And Keep Sickness Away

Immune Boosting Foods

The key to staying health and keep yourself resistant against sickness is to boost the immune system. The best and safest way to boost immunity is to eat the right food groups regularly. Hippocrates once said that food is medicine, and it is still true today. Yes, modern medicine has helped us in many ways, but there’s no better way than prevention, and eating the right kinds of foods also known as “real foods”, or whole foods can truly make a positive difference in life.

The saying that says…what you put in your mouth is you get or what you are is certainly true. Therefore, ingesting disease-fighting with nutrition-packed foods into the body make you healthier, feeling happier, resistant to infections and diseases regardless of what season or time of the year. Hence, start consuming these foods today and stay one step ahead of protecting yourself against diseases.

Citrus Fruits

Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits include oranges, grapefruits, tangerines, pomelo, and among many others are not only rich in Vitamin C, which is antioxidant that boost the body’s immune system, they’re also packed with flavonoids, which is a natural occurring compounds in citrus that promotes a good immune system. Therefore, a regular consumption of citrus fruits has double effect on promoting better immunity.


Barley and Oats (Grains)

Grains are usually consumed for breakfast, and most people don’t consider them as an immune-boosting food, but simply filling and delicious. However, these grains contain beta-glucan, which is a dietary fiber that is both an antioxidant and antimicrobial. Both are helpful in promoting good immunity as well as promote faster healing.



Cinnamon is a spice with wonderful scent, and known to be antibacterial, antivirual and antifungal. With regular cinnamon consumption, you’ll get a double benefits of boosting the immune system and getting rid of potential causes of illness. Cinnamon is very easy to incorporate on a daily basis either on meals or beverages. In desert, it can easily added as well as drinks like freshly brewed or cold brewed coffee. If you decide to add in your coffee, you’ll enjoy more with coffee’s health benefits including undoing liver damage.



I’m sure you’re very familiar with garlic either you like its taste or hate its smell. Garlic contains allicin that fights bacteria and compounds that promotes better immunity. The best way to consume garlic is in its raw form. If you can’t tolerate its strong flavor, add it to your dishes. Almost all dishes requires garlic, so take advantage of it, but instead of cooking the entire sliced garlic, left at least a half of it, and add it to the dish when it’s ready to serve. Garlic has even been known to boost male sexual function.



Yogurt contains probiotics which is beneficial to gut microbiome, and know that gut health plays an important role when it comes to boosting the immune system. In fact, the immune system begins in the gut. A randomized study[1] conducted by German researchers found that taking supplement with probiotics along with vitamins reduced and severity of common cold problems.

Beef Liver

Zinc-Rich Foods

Zinc is a mineral that is helpful for boosting the immune system, and just Yogurt, zinc supports white blood cells, which also happen to the body’s immune cells. For men, and probably women, it’s not just an immune boosting mineral, but also boost sexual function particularly in men it boosts male fertility. As a matter of fact, zinc is one of the popular ingredient included in many dietary male enhancement pills available these days.

When it comes to natural sources of zinc, oysters are probably the most popular, but it can also be found on livers, beef, and lamb. Of course, supplements are also available that contain zinc mineral.



Nuts are amazing source of Vitamin E, which is another potent antioxidant just as Vitamin C, and it helps boost the body’s immune system. Nuts also contain stress-fighting components like niacin, B vitamins, and riboflavin. There are many nuts you can choose from including almonds, cashew, walnuts, and among many others.

These are the kinds of foods you should be including in your typical daily diet. However, while many of these can be found on fresh produce, you should do extra effort in order to find out the best ones out there. For instance, there are many genetically modified crops today, which you should avoid as the implications of it are not yet being determined. In fact, there are studies particularly the study conducted by the French that GMO foods have long-term side-effect on health.

We have abundant food supply these days, but unfortunately, we need to be extra careful and do our part to take extra precautionary measures not to fall into the trap of these GMO foods. Long-term consumption of these GMO foods might lead to mitochondrial damage. Take care of yourself and aim at boosting your health by eating these foods in their natural form. Of course, don’t limit yourself to these foods mentioned here as there are far many foods out there that are nourishing to the body.

Simply keep in mind, eat them in their natural form. Don’t ingest highly processed, and avoid too much sugar as it is addictive and can lead to many illnesses. Fruits have sugar, but they also contain vitamins, minerals and ditary fiber that when consume as a whole works differently in a healthy way.

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