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Importance of Sleep On Health and Wellness

Importance of Sleep

You may have heard a few people would say they can survive without sleep for several days. And, I tend to agree with it, but if one does it very often, it is guaranteed it will lead to health and wellness deterioration. In this article, we will be covering sleep and rest because, with today’s busy and high-tech environment, many men and women seem to have neglected to get enough rest.

Reasons To Have 5 to 6 Hours of Sleep

Below are among the reasons why you should get sleep every night at least 5 to 6 hours.

Sleep is beneficial for learning and memory

The brain remembers all new and learned information with memory consolidation. Studies at Harvard University lead by Robert Stickgold, Ph.D show that individuals who slept right after studying or learning performed better on tests.

Sleep Deprivation and Weight Gain

Sleep deprivation in excess can lead to weight gain due to the way the human bodies work or process and store carbohydrates. This alters the level of hormones that affect our appetite causing weight gain and slow down metabolism.

Mistakes Due to Lack Of Sleep

Lack of sleep may result in serious and often fatal mistakes especially those people who are working as medical professionals, or those who are in the air traffic, and road related jobs. For everyone’s safety make sure to get enough rest.

Essential As Food

Getting enough sleep is just as vital as food. Without getting enough sleep, clear and effective thinking can be difficult to achieve often can result to irritability, lack of concentration and focus, and mood swings.

Health Conditions Due To Sleep Deprivation

Serious sleep disorders are affected by health conditions including hypertension, stress, and anxiety, as well as irregular heartbeats all of which have a negative impact on cardiovascular health.

Quality Sleep Boosts Immunity

To keep the immune system healthy, sleep is imperative. Sleep and rest can help the body to take on disease and illness in order to get well faster.

Cancers and Lack Of Sleep

Early studies have linked lack of sleep to both colorectal cancer(read more here and here), as well as aggressive breast cancer, read more here.

Obesity and Sleep Deprivation

Multiple studies have proposed a link between habitual sleep deprivation and increased risks of obesity.

Sleep Deprivation and Overeating

A research found and has been able to link short-term sleep deprivation with a propensity to eat larger portions, which can lead to consuming foods that contents high carbs and calories, as well as higher chances of picking unhealthy food choices while doing shopping for groceries.

Lack of Sleep and Mortality Rate

One sleep study on 1,741 individuals both men and women over a long period of time that span between 10 to 14 years discovered men who slept less than six hours a night had a high risk of mortality, even after adjustments for diabetes, hypertension, and among other factors.

Lack Of Sleep on Brain Health

A recent small study consisting of 15 men published in the Journal of Sleep found a link to signs of loss of brain tissues even with just one night of sleep deprivation.

Sleep Release Hormones

About 80% of hormones required for awesome athletic performance and growth functions are released during sleep.

Sleep is Anti-Aging

Getting enough sleep contributes to youthful and beauty maintenance as it helps the immune system in fighting acne-causing bacteria and speed up acne healing. As a matter of fact, strangers rated sleep deprived individuals as less attractive and less healthy according to the British Medical Journal study.

Flu and Lack of Sleep

Individuals who slept less than 4-hours every night are three times more vulnerable to getting a flu.

5 Facts About Sleep

1. School children need between 10 – 11 hours nightly sleep

2. Teenagers need between 8.5 – 9.5 hours nightly sleep

3. Adults need between 7 – 9 hours of nightly sleep

4. Losing or depriving 90-minutes of sleep at night reduces daytime alertness by nearly one-third

5. 24-hours of sleep deprivation or an entire week of sleeping 4 or 5 hours every night can result to impairment comparable to 1% of blood alcohol level

Sleeping Tips For People With Heatlh Issues

  • Shoulder Pain – Avoid sleeping on the side with the painful shoulder. Sleep on your back, or if you sleep on the opposite, put a big pillow right about at chest height and rest arm on it…almost as if you’re hugging another person beside you.
  • Back Pain – On your back, place a pillow under your knees or a rolled towel under the small of your hack to maintain the body’s natural curvature. Generally, experts say sleeping on the back is best for this condition.

    Also, you can sleep on your side while putting a pillow between your knees for extra support. This is also suitable for individuals with hip and/or knee pain issues. Additional, those with lumbar spinal stenosis sleeping in a fetal-like position can be helpful.

    Lastly for people with back pain, sleeping on your belly or stomach can be hard on the back, as well as neck. Another way is placing a pillow under the lower abdomen/pelvis can help in alleviating the strain.

  • Plantar Fasciitis – It is vital to keep your feet and ankles in a relaxed position with plantar fasciitis, and inflammation of the tissue at the bottom of the foot often caused by running or poor arch support. Avoid tucking in the sheets too tightly is another consideration.
  • Acid Reflux – Experts recommend elevating the head with pillows or raising the head in bed by placing bricks under the front legs. Otherwise, sleep on your side.
  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea or Snoring – Sleep on your side or stomach to avoid the collapse of the tongue or tissues in the throat, which impairs breathing. Another way to avoid rolling the back is sewing a tennis ball at the back of the pajama top.
  • Neck Pain – Maintain a neutral neck position when sleeping. Avoid sleeping on the stomach or belly. Too many pillows stacked can put your neck in a bent position. Also, keep the pillow above your shoulders. Some experts recommend supporting the neck with a rolled hand towel.

More Sleeping Facts

  • Men sleep with two pillows while women four pillows, typically
  • 57% of people start sleeping at night in fetal-position
  • 17% of people lie on their back sleeping
  • 11% of people sleep on their belly or stomach

Sleep Experts Talked Its Importance

Sleeping is common sense. It can be considered a recharging mechanism for humans. I’m sure you noticed when your cellphone’s battery is drained and exhausted. When this happens, your phone won’t work, or alert you that its battery supply is running low. When you ignore it, you know what will happen next to your cell phone.

The same is true with the human body when you feel tired you will feel it, and that’s an alert similar to the low-batt alert systems in cell phones. Ignore the tiredness, and I’m sure you experience it already.

Further References:

Now, you know what to do starting tonight if you have been depriving yourself of sleep. Get sleep! Enough rest every night.

For those who are used to going out at night and staying late, better consider your health while it is still early. It’s difficult, or probably even late when to address numerous health conditions if you neglect to change your lifestyle, right now.

For people who are in the night-shift, this can be a difficult challenge. However, when you can, avoid the night shift. I know it’s difficult especially if you work on a company which involved in outsourcing and need to attend international customers living the opposite side of the globe.

Still, you have a choice to find a better and much healthier way of life with a job that you can be proud of while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Tips For Achieving Better Sleep

Meditation is also another amazing way to do prior to sleeping as it relaxes the mind, body, and even the spirit to rest for the night.

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