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The Ketogenic Diet – Lifestyle Eating Consuming Healthy Fats But Low Carb

Healthy Fats

Fats were used to be vilified by health authorities. However, in the recent dietary guidelines, fat restrictions has been removed.

Recent studies found many benefits of consuming healthy fats. For instance, coconut oil has been found to have positive benefits on Alzheimer’s disease. There are two main categories of fats; bad and good fats. But, first…

What is a Ketogenic Diet?

A diet or lifestyle eating habit consisting of a high amount of healthy fats and low carb foods is called ketogenic diet. This dieting as been found beneficial for weight loss and even helpful as part of cancer therapy1. The old paradigm was fats causes heart disease, but recent data shows healthy fats are heart-friendly. One of the healthy fats is Omega-3 found in some plants, nuts, and fish is heart-friendly and even alleviate pains.

Obesity Prevension with Ketogenic Diet

Obesity has become a global epidemic. It used to only affects adult, but today it affects everyone including children. Obesity is now a pandemic.

Fortunately, through dietary changes, obesity can be controlled and eventually overcome with a ketogenic way of eating. One study2 compared low-carb ketogenic diet with low-carb only diet for obesity treatment with great results.

The researchers found that a very low carb ketogenic diet was more effective and superior compared to low carb diet only in inducing weight loss for obese patients. Participants who eat the low carb ketogenic diet experienced intense and rapid weight loss. Another great thing, the results were consistent even during the follow up period.

Ketogenic Benefits For Diabetics

Diabetes is a metabolic disease. The diabetes statistics in the United States is shocking. The latest CDC stats for diabetes says there are over 29 million Americans are diabetic, and 86 million are are prediabetic.

The World Health Organization reported there are 422 million diabetcis in 2014. In 2015, the IDF(International Diabetes Federation) reported 1-in-11 adults is diabetic. What’s more disturbing is their prediction. The trend continues to go up. They predicted in 2040, it would be 1-in-10 adult will become diabetic.

But there’s hope and good news. Ketogenic has been a constant subject in many studies as solution for obesity, diabetes3 4 and many other diseases including cancers.

Healthy Fats Suppressed Sugar Cravings

When it comes to consuming sweets, many people are struggling. Sugars particularly refined sugars have been found to be as addictive as cocaine. This is the reason lots of people are struggling to minimize sugar consumption. In addition, there are many names in which the food industry hides sugar as an ingredient.

The first thing to help in minimzing sugar consumption is knowing the many names it is hiding. Second, eating a ketogenic diet is very helpful in suppressing cravings for sweets.

Salt Intake in Ketogenic Diet

Stephen Phinney, one of the forefrtont researchers of Ketosis and author of several low carb books share his thoughts on salt consumption with a ketogenic diet.

High Fat Diet For Brain Health

Healthy fats are good for brain health. Many studies5 6 found ketogenic diet beneficial for brain function and even provide protective mechanisms against cognitive decline.

Effects of High Fat Diet On Male Testosterone

We’ve covered low testosterone in men and one of the ways to increase testosterone naturally is to eat healthy fats. One study7 conducted way back in 1984 found that decreasing dietary fat also lowers testosterone level.

Hence, make it a habit and include in your daily diet healthy fats like coconut oil, olive oil, grass-fed butter, avocado, omega-3 from fish and plant sources, nuts, etc. You want to avoid unhealthy fats like vegetable cooking oils and trans-fats.

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