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Long-Time Sitting Is As Bad As Smoking For Health and What Can You Do About It?

Excessive Sitting Unhealthy Consequences

I used to think it’s good to be focused at work sitting long time in a desk without any breaks for hours. However, I can’t do that and I’m in a quest onto overcoming that issue, which I thought an issue. I tend to get up my desk drink a glass of water or pee for almost every hour. My goal to being able to focused at work sitting for long hours is the ideal way to working. That view changed recently when I’ve read a news that sitting for long time all-day due to work or intentional sedentary is unhealthy.

At first, I thought it was just some gimmick in order to sell those treadmill desks I’ve read a few hours ago. However, looking at the deeper side of the coin, experts conducted research and prove the it’s true. Here are some of the videos I’ve found where experts explained why long-time sitting is unhealthy. Followed by a list of news that wen virally talking about the topic, plus the various studies conducted on the subject.

This issue of habitual sitting for a long-time either due to work at home or office, or simply being sedentary has been compared by experts to cigarette or tobacco smoking when it comes to risks associated with it. In fact, it has been called the sitting disease. But you can do something about it, all that is required is recognized it’s a problem and implement the suggested solutions that are doable and healthy. At first, this could be very difficult because the sitting has been a habit by majority whether at home or workplace.

For me…personally, I think that instinct of getting up and get moving all the time has helped me through all the years since I’ve started a career that only requires sitting. I also exercise daily running on a treadmill plus numerous other body-weight workouts. If you really look at it in an in-depth view with all your natural instinct and set aside for a moment the expert opinions, it does make sense. Our body is really design to get moving, but the industrial revolution changed it to make us more effective, but unfortunately it is unhealthy for us.

It’s prevalent online a lot of men and women are getting obese looking for ways to lose weight and get fit. I think these people, or if you’re among those people and reading this article, it’s time to take a pause for a minute and ponder about your daily activities. If you’re at home sitting almost all day watching TV, or perhaps doing home works mainly sitting, try to figure out a way so you can get off your butt and make movements. These movements should not be intense. In fact, if you’ve watch one of the videos above, just by merely walking a few more extra minutes can be very helpful.

For almost a year now, I’ve put up metal bar across our bedroom’s door jam. I use these metal bar to perform a few pull-ups and chin-ups. The experience is amazing and I’m gradually building up muscles and strength, while at the same time I feel energized for the day. It’s very common for me to get somewhat sleepy during the next few hours after doing those pull-ups and chin-ups, and when that happens, I simply repeat doing it a few times and I feel energized again.

You can do the same, too. Just look for ways in which you can get yourself moving a little more when you get off your butt from that chair. Perhaps, you can buy a small dumbbell and do dumbbell workouts while getting rest or break from work. It’s odd isn’t it? Doing workout while at rest or break-time? It maybe at first, but once you get used to it, it’s fun and it’s healthy. Additionally, avoid the extra snackings in between meals. Yes, I was one of those who complaints before to feel hungry after a few hours of breakfast, just before lunch, and between lunch and dinner. However, I find a way to workaround it by reducing the amount of carbs I eat every meals. My body don’t need much carbs because I’m just sitting almost all day at home doing my work.

Of course, it would be different if I work in a construction site where heavy jobs requires more energy than sitting; but if you’re just working on desk-based work, better reduce your calorie intake. Even if you exercise a lot and if you don’t modify your eating habits, it’s difficult to get physically fit and healthy.

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