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Low Testosterone Level Is A Result Of Less Sexual Activity

Less Sex Cause Low Testosterone In Men

This is according to the findings of an Australian research on older men with decreased sexual activity and libido. For so many years, I thought it was the reverse. Meaning, I thought it was due to Low-T that resulted to low libido.

Well, to be honest, more studies should be required in order to get conclusive findings. I’m sure future studies will get different results for this. However, if this is really the case, and I mean the findings of the recent study is correct and conclusive, then, we don’t need any testosterone replacement therapy after all.

Simply, getting into the mood of wanting to have sex can alone boost testosterone level.

At some point, I can tell it make sense. But this is just looking at my point of view. I’m in my late 30s, in fact, I’ll be 40 years old next year. So, I really can’t tell how much of a testosterone level I have at the moment.

I’ve haven’t been tested on my level of testosterone, and I don’t think it’s necessary because when it comes to sex drive and activity, I’m high on it. As far as the level of testosterone is concerned, even experts don’t have any idea. Here’s a video that comes from TIME.COM where experts explained about the need of testosterone therapy.

Experts have suggested specially in sports, testosterone level helps boost a man’s performance. A man in the video above said he got testosterone shot and his ability to do the things he can’t hardly accomplish is now possible due to testosterone replacement therapy.

The Power of Concentration, Thought and Desire

There are times in my life when I feel down and depressed while a lot of stuff are waiting to get done. When I simply go with the flow and allow my tiredness and eventually turned into laziness, I can tell and compare it’s like having a low testosterone. However, when I get myself to doing it, pushing myself to just do what needs to be done, my will kicks on resulting to a more focused attention. All these results from my thoughts and desires to get things done because of I don’t do them right now, there’ll be more tomorrow or the next day.

And, when I first read that report of the recent Australian research at Time.Com, I can almost relate and compare that to my experience. Because everytime I feel lousy and tired, all I have to do is push my self to perform the important tasks. I’ve confirmed that I’m not alone in using this technique. In fact, successful people way beyond what I am, right now… are using this pushing yourself technique to get things done. And, it works everytime. So, I am thinking right now, when I reached the age of 60 or even 70 or beyond, all I have to do is want to have sex and keep my body physically active. It has also been proven that lifting weights as in bodybuilding, or perhaps just lifting weights for workout purposes can in fact boost testosterone level naturally.

A 100-Year Old Sex Therapist Tips For Better Sexual Experience

For now, one thing I’m certain, while I’m still at this age, young and strong, I’ll do everything to avoid unhealthy habits that can havoc my sexual health in the future. There were also lots of research conducted and most recent one proved that being sedentary involving excessive long hours of sitting doing nothing or simply watching television can deteriorate overall health and fitness.

Another thing, smokers who want to improve their sexual health and overall health condition, should stop smoking for good. It’s true that nicotine won’t kill, but it constrict the blood vessels that hinders proper blood flow. On the other hand, men who previously changed or shifted from unhealthy to a healthy lifestyle will be in good shape, but it needs time as well as the will power to follow through that healthy way of life. Moreover, men who have shifted to a healthy living who want to accelerate their sexual health recovery can use a device as aid to that journey. Penile pumps are designed and built for this purpose, and although they’re designed for erection aid purposes, they’re also amazing device to be use for penile health therapy.

Tips To Boosting And Maintaining Ideal Testosterone Level

I’m a firmed believer in preparing early, the rewards are waiting later. What does it mean? It simply means practice living a healthy way of life while at younger age, and later when reaching senior age, things would be better. I’m expecting this to happen as I’ve seen many people around my community are achieving such lifestyle in their 60s and even some on their 70s and beyond. So, why not venture into that healthy lifestyle, and reap the rewards later.

He are some tips to boosting and/or maintaining ideal testosterone level, and since experts don’t have any idea how much is enough, I always kinda rely on my own feelings and observe how my body reacts to certain situation and, of course, my performances.

1. Quit smoking for good, if you’re a smoker.

2. Maintain a good physical activity through workouts or sports like tennis, swimming, basketball, volleyball and among many others that have cardiovascular workout equivalent.

3. Take cold showers or baths instead of hot. There are not much scientific studies on it, but one of the authority in health and wellness, Dr. Andrew Weil confirmed it has lots of benefits, and yours truly, too can confirm some of the actual benefits in which Dr. Weil mentioned.

4. Eat a well-balanced and healthy meals that include a good amount of healthy fats like butter, coconut and olive oils along with fish like tuna, salmon and mackerel. Eat natural foods and avoid highly processed foods.

5. Always aim to having enough rest every night. It’s fine to have some sleepless nights, but don’t do it very often.

6. Avoid too much alcohol consumption. Two to three shots of red wine weekly is heart friendly.

7. Do meditation, relaxation, and stretching such as in Yoga. This helps relax both mind and body, which is a great contribution to one’s overall health and wellness.

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