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Maintain A Healthy Gut Drinking A Homemade Probiotic Beverage


Kombucha is among the homemade probiotic beverages beneficial to the gut microbiome, and when it’s consumed regularly along with other immune system boosting foods, it’s an insurance for good health.

Well, pretty much like that because if we feed the body with the right nutrients, it can surely nourish making it strong and resistant to illnesses.

A little bit of history, Kombucha is said to have its origin in the Far East, which include China and it has been cultured and consumed for more or less 2 millennia. The first recorded history of using kombucha is in China during the Tsin Dynasty back in the year 221 BC.

Kombucha is also known as the tea of immortality. For several centuries, kombucha also became a popular drink in Russia, Eastern Europe, and Japan. In fact, the name Kombucha originated in Japan when a Korean doctor named Kambu or Kombu treated Emperor Inyko of Japan using tea. This is the origin of the word Kombucha (kombu + cha meaning tea).

In Germany, Kombucha was used by Dr. Rudolph Skelnar after World War II to treat patients with cancer, high blood pressure, metabolic disorders, and diabetes.

Today, kombucha is a popular probiotic drink that can be brewed at home as long as the needed components are available, which is composed of a culture known as SCOBY(Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeasts). It’s pretty much straightforward to make once you have all the ingredients.

Here’s a video demo on how to make kombucha in the comfort of your own home.


The Kombucha culture appears like a white and rubbery pancake. You can buy/order SCOBY at your local kombucha brewery or online at Amazon. To make the Kombucha brew, the SCOBY is either placed on plain water into the bowl or use flavors like tea particularly black or green tea.

Once it’s done brewing, it’s full of minerals, vitamins, and enzymes like probiotics beneficial for gut health plus many other health benefits including its cleansing property.

During the kombucha brewing process, the SCOBY culture dissolves the sugar it produces a wide array of beneficial organic acids including acetic, lactic, butyric, malic, usnic, gluconic, and glucuronic acids.

It also produces vitamins like Vitamin C and B Vitamins. Of course, it also produces live enzymes and microorganisms called probiotics.

Think Kombucha, Instead of Soda

Indeed, it is a smart and healthy idea to have a bottle of kombucha in your kitchen and make it readily available when needed.

Kombucha may be considered as a miracle drink mentioning its capability to heal cancer, migraines, asthma, acne, diabetes, psoriasis, fatigue, insomnia, bad eyesight, arteriosclerosis, and even erectile dysfunction. It should be taken as a part of a healthy lifestyle eating a healthy and well-balanced diet, and of course, regular physical activity.

After all, it only becomes healthier when taken with these healthy habits.

Therefore, those with issues with their health even sexual health particularly in men like low testosterone, drinking kombucha along with healthy shifts towards a good lifestyle can be beneficial. And, it might even help those having infertility problem in both men and women.

The Big Book of Kombucha

If you want to learn more and perhaps experiment with more kombucha flavors, buy the book The Big Book of Kombucha(Brewing, Flavoring, and Enjoying the Health Benefits of Fermented Tea).

There are many kombucha recipes online available for free, but if you’re serious about making your own version and experiment with various local flavors, you can even turn this into a business. Not many people are making and selling kombucha…as a matter of fact, your neighborhood might be a good place.

Try asking people around if they know about it, and chances not many people do. This way you could earn as a sideline while encouraging people in your neighborhood to start drinking healthy.

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