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Elucidating The Mystery Behind Penile Pumps And Its Benefits For Male Sexual Health

Penis Pump Health Benefits

Yes, you are reading it right as in this article we will be covering and exposing the hidden advantages of penis pumps when it comes to male sexual health. I’ve chosen this as one of the topics as I find it interesting how a large percentage of men in this modern era tend to neglect their sexual health.

We all been thriving and looking for better ways to improve health and wellness through diet and exercise. Exercising the muscles and burn off those excess body fats. However, one may complain about a decline in libido, lesser occurrences of a morning wood, or even a declining erection quality.

These are not good signs as it might eventually result in erectile dysfunction, which is the inability of a man to sustain or achieve an erection during intercourse.

Don’t worry, though…you are not reading one of those worthless spam online. I have used this and hopefully, I can share some of the experiences I’m having. The good news…it’s positive so, stay tuned. But, first, we need to know the basics. So…

What is a Penis Pump?

A penis pump is a piece of device with a purpose to constrict blood vessels inside the penis.

Commonly, the device is used to address ED or erectile dysfunction, and in some cases, a post-surgical procedure as an aid for men with colon or prostate cancer.

It may also help individuals who have a mental lack of self-esteem, have depression or anxiety problems, like an erection aid device.

Besides treatment purposes, penile pumps can be excellent sexual toys for men along with their partners, or use it on their own.

Penile pumps have cylindrical tube wherein the penis is inserted during the exercise routine. When used as an erection aid device, a constriction band is placed on the lower part of the pump’s cylinder.

Upon reaching the desired harness, the constriction band or ring slip into the penile base trapping the blood that helps sustain an erection during intercourse. The role of the pump is to draw blood, thereby causing a constant flow of blood to the muscles to maintain an erection.

What Is It For?

A penis pump is made up of the pump that was made to help men who have erectile dysfunction achieve and keep an erection and is attached to a cylinder. To use a penile pump, insert the penis into the transparent cylinder, which is fitted with an air-tight seal at its base.

Then, use the pump, which may be operated either manually or electronically through a battery in order to draw air out of the cylinder, which creates a partial vacuum inside.

The vacuum forces and draw blood to flow into the penis, which leads to an instant increase in size and penis length.

Once the desired hardness is achieved, remove or release vacuum so the cylinder can be quickly taken off. And, at the same time when prior to removing the cylinder, slip the constriction ring into the penile base to maintain an erection.

A penis pump could be an effective treatment when you have erectile dysfunction, particularly when you haven’t responded to other treatments for erectile dysfunction, or unacceptable side effects were caused by the choices.

Most guys using a penis pump can attain an erection adequate for sex. The risk of side effects using a penis pump is not high, the total price is not more than other erectile dysfunction treatments, as well as a penis pump may be utilized alongside other therapies, including drugs for erectile dysfunction.

Benefits of Regular Use of Penis Pumps

Vacuum penile pumps work if used correctly, but it might take one to a bit of practice in order to perfectly utilized it.

Here are some of the benefits in which the pump;

  • Complication risks are lower compare to other ED treatments that involved surgical procedures
  • Cost is minimal, given the fact once you bought it, you owned it and no more further costs in the future
  • Non-invasive means of ED treatment and erection aid device
  • Pump can be use in conjunction with other forms of treatments like penile exercises, or with any oral medications

Risks and Side Effects

While pumps are proven safe, and efficient non-invasive treatment for ED, it could interfere with spontaneity and some users experience discomfort after using the pump either for the first time or after a period of time.

Here are some of the conditions that could happen when using the pump especially if the user’s guide or doctor’s instructions are neglected.

  • Causing blood disorder that can result to bleeding, or interferes with clotting
  • Take blood thinners
  • Having sickle cell anemia

Potential Side Effects

  • Red spots on the penis, particularly in the glans
  • Numbness or coldness as well as lost of sensitivity
  • Bluish penile skin
  • Bruising either with pain or no pain
  • Painful ejaculation on some men

Penis Pump for Better Erections

Besides pump is a proven safe and effective treatment and therapy for men with erectile dysfunction, it is also a device of choice by doctors for penile rehabilitation after a patient’s prostatectomy.

The penile pump can help men in gaining back their erection quality preserving their erectile function, and even useful for men as a penile health therapy even those who did not undergo prostate cancer treatment.

The reason in which penile pumps are very effective in revving up erection quality, pumps help improve oxygenation within the penile tissues that help in enhancing the blood flow.

It also reduces any chances of cavernosal fibrosis formation along the penile shaft, which is the cause of most penile curvature instances. These two versatile functions of the penis pumps help preserve the penile length, as well.

Enlargement Purposes

If you’ve first read this article and familiar with the name of the device, first impression you might think it’s all about enlargement purposes that flooded the internet. In fact, you can find numerous advertisers of their penile pump to make the penis size bigger.

Penile Size Enhancement or Enlargement

To some extent, when used consistently and with increasing intensity as well as the length of time using the device, it could increase penile size at some point.

Just a few years ago, a new breed of penis pumps was introduced into the penis enlargement market that doesn’t utilize air to create negative pressure but uses water. These pumps are known as a penile hydro pump.

Until the time of this writing, there are only two brands of penile hydro pumps that are known to be legit, high-quality and safe to use as proven by its users. The brands, should you be interested are the Bathmate and Penomet.

The principle is similar to the conventional old way of pumping but hydro penile pumps use water. Using water as many of its actual users claim… feel more comfortable and achieve better results. Still, while it uses water, it can also be used just as with a typical air vacuum pump.

Doctors Prescribed Penis Pumps To Patients

There are many doctors…particularly Urologists believed in the safety and effectiveness of the pump. Today, you will be able to find various advancements in penis pumps.

In some way, air vacuum penis pump become more sophisticated and efficient tool for non-invasive treatment for ED, or erection aid device.

On the other hand, there has been not much attention given to the new hydro penile pumps. Except, of course, some Urologists who embraced this new innovation as part of men penile and sexual health maintenance.

One Urologist has been suggesting hydro penile pumps to his patients. Below is a two-part interview series of the Urologist.

Part I

Part II

For those who are new to this type of pump, but already familiar with the conventional air vacuum pump, you might want to consult with your doctor and see what your doctor recommends to you.

Moreover, if you’re interested on knowing more about the hydro penile pump mentioned, you can read more on it at BathMate hydro penis pump article, which provides a lot more details with regards to specifications, size, and overview of the accessories it offers. And, of course where to get it as there are reported cases of fake or counterfeits on this pump.

Tips On Using Penis Pumps Effectively and Safely

  • ALWAYS read and follow the manufacturers instruction guide for safety and effectiveness
  • You may use the pump daily, but ALWAYS observe how it works for you. If it feels overwhelming for your penis when using it daily, feel free to adjust the schedules…say every other day, or 3 times a week
  • Avoid using the pump and keeping your penis inflated for over 20 minutes. Keep it between 15 to 20 minutes and nothing more. Unless you’re an experience user and already know when you hit your limits, you can use the pump beyond 20 minutes. If you’re just getting started, stick to the lowest intensity, and time and gradually increase it overtime
  • When pain occurred, STOP using the pump immediately; or when you notice some signs of discoloration refrain from pumping until the discoloration or bruising go away
  • Avoid performing a pumping session while in the influence of alcohol or drugs. It is important you’re fully aware about what is happening and when pain occurs, you know it’s time to stop


As many of you might thought this topic is weird and somewhat offensive for some. However, it is a fact these days that many forget their sexual health. As I’ve mentioned earlier, many men(including me) are looking for better ways to improve health and wellness; and, I think looking at the one of the less regarded part of the body(at least for health quest) is the sexual health.

In the future, we’ll be covering prostate health and ways on how to maintain it in its healthful condition. ‘Till then, and if you want to dig more into this topic, feel free to post your comments below, or visit the links provided within the article.

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