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Maximizing The Brain’s Learning Capacity Through Practice and Behavior


Everyone of us want to learn new skills and most people want to learn it pretty quickly. However, learning capacity is not equal for everyone as others learn at a slow pace while others can learn quickly. The human brain is complex and it can form new connections as we learn new skills. This is called neuroplasticity. Now the question is how to take advantage of the brain’s plasticity in learning new skills pretty quickly.

Dr. Lara Boyd, a brain researcher describes how the brain’s plasticity can give us the power to shape our brain and form new connections the way we want. New advancement in technology allows brain research to take a new step in discovering what’s going on inside our brain.

The University of British Columbia recruited Dr. Boyd in 2006 as Canada’s research chair in Nuerobiology and Motor Learning. Her research on brain lead to the development of fresh, but more effective and therapuetic for individuals who suffer from brain damage.

On the other hand, her research also shed light about other other applications discovering and learning new concepts as well as taking advantage of opportunities resulting to an opening of a whole new wold of endless possibility.

In the video she mentioned both short and long term memories and how these memories are form. Towards the end of the video, she emphasized the importance of behavior in constantly shaping our brain the way we want it to be. To simply, it means practice can trul helps develop master a skill. And, behavior means we should consciously be aware what we’re doing and make sure it can help us shape our brain in a positive manner.

We can simplify Dr. Boyd’s message as consciously doing things that can contribute to learning new skills. This takes practice, and the more we do it, the more we become accustomed to it. Initially, it could be a struggle for some people, and this where behavior comes into play. Therefore, stay aware of your behavior and make sure it’s leading somewhere that contributes positive changes.

To help the brain works the we want it, it is essential to also focus on healthy lifestyle practices like getting enough sleep every night, quit smoking as this can cause bad effects on the brain, minimize or even eliminate refined sugars and instead choose natural sweeteners, coffee consumption is also associated with better brain function as long as you don’t overdose, consuming healthy fats like coconut oil is also a smart idea to keep the brain function optimal, and not but not the least is optimizing gut health as it has direct impact on the brain, too.

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