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Mediterranean Diet and Caffeine Are Good For Maintaining Healthy Eyes

Mediterranean Ddiet and Caffeine

The Mediterranean diet is known to be heart-friendly and anti-inflammatory. It is a diet rich in healthy fats, fresh fruits and vegetables and freshly caught wild fishes.

On the other hand, caffeine has been found to have many health benefits including liver health, cognitive function, and does not cause irregular heartbeats.

Of course, there are many other studies that prove coffee has many other health benefits as long as it is consumed black without unhealthy additives.

What’s good news about both Mediterranean diet and coffee is it promotes good eyesight. According to preliminary findings of one study, eating a Mediterranean diet and caffeine consumption may lower the chance of developing AMD(age-related macular degeneration), which can eventually lead to blindness.

Quick Overview of AMD

In the future article, the Mediterranean topic will be covered as this is a very interesting and effective eating lifestyle. This healthy way of eating originated from the Mediterranean region. This has been associated with longevity, too.

Here’s a quick overview of the Mediterranean diet.

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