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What Is Metabolic Syndrome? Causes Plus Tips Prevention Tips

Metabolic Syndrome

We heard this term very often these days, but what is metabolic syndrome1? It is a medical disorder notable with the what is so-called the Deadly Quartet2 3 that includes the following health conditions like high fasting sugars and triglycerides, high blood pressure, and obesity. It also caused many people to suffer from non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, stroke, heart disease, diabetes and cancer. In the United States alone, it is estimated that 25% of the total American population are affected with metabolic syndrome.

The primary cause of metabolic syndrome includes unhealthy lifestyle practices including being sedentary or inactive, smoking and eating unhealthy foods particularly highly processed carbs like food products containing flour, and refined and artificial sugars.

How To Stop And Prevent Metabolic Syndrome?

The solution is pretty simple. Switching to healthy lifestyle practices by quitting smoking, minimizing or eliminating alcohol, regular exercise, eating whole foods particular plant-based are smart options. However, with today’s bombardment of refined foods that are cheap yet sickening, whole food options seem not to be in the majority’s shopping list and priority.

First and foremost, people should eat immune system boosting foods, which in turn help optimize gut health. Eating clean and healthy not only reduces the risk of the following mentioned metabolic diseases but also decrease the risk of other deadly illness like colon cancer.

Moreover, it is vital to opt for organic produced and avoid genetically modified foods. Most organic foods are rich in minerals like Zinc, which is one of the essential minerals in the body particularly for men in boosting fertility. Taking good quality supplementation is also a good option to further boosts the benefits of a healthy diet and overall lifestyle.

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A vegetarian dietary pattern is associated with a more favorable profile of MRFs and a lower risk of MetS. The relationship persists after adjusting for lifestyle and demographic factors. –Source

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