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10 Metabolism-Boosting Foods For Fat and Weight Loss

Metabolism-Boosting Foods

You may be familiar with the term “metabolism”, which is always link to fat loss and weight loss. It’s on the news and almost every health-related website talk about it. But, what is it, really?

What Is Metabolism?

You’ve heard it but what is it? Metabolism refers to the processes that occur in the body both physically and chemically. These processes make us alive and allow our body to function properly.

During these processes, the body converts the foods we eat into energy. Inside the digestive system, there are chemicals that facilitate the digestion process. This breaks down the food so the body can utilize it as fuel or energy. Or, when there is an excess of this energy, the body stores it as fat.

Unfortunately, bad diets are prevalent these days, which makes the body’s metabolism suffer. The good news is that to restore proper metabolism, the solution is also food. Eating the right kinds of foods allows the body to restore its appropriate metabolic processes.

To understand better, watch this crash course on metabolism.

Foods You Can Eat To Restore Your Metabolism

If you are most like people, you may be consuming unhealthy foods including highly processed foods and fast foods. Although these foods are cheap and readily available in most places, they wreak havoc on your health. Of course, it can negatively impact your metabolism.

As you continue engaging in this unhealthy lifestyle eating, it makes your body gain weight and even results in obesity. The majority of people today who want to lose weight have low metabolism and really struggling to achieve their weight loss goals.

Therefore, it is essential to engage in healthy and clean eating habits. Below is a short list of foods you can habitually eat while staying away from unhealthy choices.

Eventually, this helps your body restore its metabolic processes optimally and even help nurture your gut microbiome, which is also vital for weight loss and overall health. As a matter of fact, there are studies that link unhealthy gut bacteria to obesity.

Hence, maintaining a healthy community of gut bacteria is vital for weight loss. And, below are the foods you can eat to not only restore your gut health but more importantly boosts your body’s metabolism.

So, is there a link between a good metabolism and healthy gut, you may ask? The answer is yes1 2 3.

1. Whole Grains

Whole grains are appropriate for the body. Unlike processed grains such as pasta and white bread, the breakdown and absorption of whole grains is gradual.

The extra time that takes the digestive system to process whole grains needs a high metabolic rate. In turn, this extra effort is helpful in burning more calories. Examples of whole grains include brown rice and oatmeal. Whole grains are also rich in dietary fiber, which has many health benefits including colon health and boost the body’s immune system.

2. Chili Peppers

One of the notable components in chili peppers that helps in boosting metabolism is capsaicin. There are many ways in which you can add chili peppers to your diet.

For instance, you can chop chili finely. A tablespoon of chopped chili peppers is enough for a day. Simply distribute it evenly throughout every meal. Another way to utilize chili peppers is through powder form. Powdered chili peppers are easier to incorporate into your diet as you can add them easily to any dish.

Regular consumption of chili peppers makes its capsaicin component helps your body turn into a fat-burning machine.

3. Beans

Beans are rich in both protein and dietary fiber. However, it requires a high amount of metabolic energy for proper digestion. Is that bad? Not at all. This extra effort slows down its absorption and also helps burn more calories.

Regular consumption of beans is an effective catalyst for fueling up your metabolism.

4. Chia Seeds

Just like beans, chia seeds are packed with protein and dietary fiber with a bonus as it contains healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

Therefore, chia seeds is good for the heart and brain. Moreover, Omega-3 also helps regulate metabolic rate by influencing leptin, which is a fat burning hormone.

5. Egg White

Egg white, like chia seeds, contain concentrated amounts of fatty acids. Also, eggs whites include what are called branched-chain amino acids, which get your metabolism revved up. Finally, egg whites are packed with protein – and that’s always good for fat-burning!

6. Lean Meats

White lean meat like turkey and chiken contain iron. Why this matters? It turns out that even in developed countries, iron deficiency is very common. In one study4, treating iron deficiency improves metabolic parameters.

Therefore, never ignore your iron levels.

7. Curry

When it comes to curry, perhaps, you will immediately think of Indian cuisine. Curry is an Indian specialty with many noteworthy health benefits.

The mixture of curry contains a wide variety of spices. Every component in the curry mixture contributes to boosting the body’s capacity to burn calories. Among the noteworthy spices in the curry mixture include turmeric and ginger.

Both of which are anti-inflammatory. For instance, in one study5 researchers say that ginger improves thermogenensis in the body.

The results, showing enhanced thermogenesis and reduced feelings of hunger with ginger consumption, suggest a potential role of ginger in weight management. Additional studies are necessary to confirm these findings.

8. Cacao

Cacao is what dark chocolate made from. The cacao beans contain lots of healthy components including flavonoids. Studies show that it is helpful in the prevention of weight gain as it reduces the body’s ability to absorb calories.

9. Green Tea

Although green tea is originally consumed as a beverage, it is now available in supplement form. Green tea becomes popular due to its weight-loss benefits6.

In another study7, researchers found that green tea extract indeed boosts metabolic rate. And, another study8 additionally found green tea has a thermogenic property.

10. Water

We have been covering many foods so far including the superfood cacao. However, let us not forget the most common beverage we consume daily, water. Do you know that drinking enough water and maintaining proper hydration can boosts metabolism?

The fact is dehydration slows down the body’s metabolism. Hence, maintaining proper hydration promotes better metabolism and proper digestive function. Although most recommendations are to drink warm water, drinking cold water is beneficial, as well as it forces the body to utilize more calories for digestive purposes.

An article in Today mentioned a study9 in 2003 where people who drank ice water experienced an increase in metabolism.

Of course, you should not cold water at all time. Mix it up. Drink room temperature water, as well. On the other hand, warm water is beneficial to those who suffer from gastrointestinal ailments.

Final Thoughts

Certainly, there are many other ways to boost the body’s metabolism. But these short list, hopefully, would be able to help anyone who wants to get started in shifting towards healthy lifestyle habits.

Keep in mind, the better your metabolism, the easier you will lose weight. And the great thing about this is it starts with good nutrition.

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