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Microbiome – Various Communities of Good Bacteria In Human Body


In the past we’ve learned how the microbiome in the gut plays an important role for our health. In fact, experts suggested the gut is considered the second brain. But do you know that microbiome exists not only in the gut? Our entire body has is compose of communities of bacteria called microbiome.

According to the Scientist, there are diverse microbial communities in the body. Microbes or microbiome can be found in the lungs, skin, vagina, penis, and it can also be found in the mother’s womb. In fact, when the baby is born through vaginal delivery, it is inoculated with the mother’s microbiome plus the mother’s breastmilk also contains different sets of microbiomes.

Taking Care of the Microbiomes

The microbiome interacts with the environment1. This interaction is called epigenetics. Unfortunately, there are many unhealthy stuff in our environment from the foods we eat, the water we drink and the various cosmetics we apply on our bodies.

For instance, unhealthy foods like refined sugars and carbohydrates, and antibiotics can cause damage to the gut microbiome. At the same time, many foods like fermented foods, organic whole foods in general including organic beverages like kombucha are beneficial to the gut microbiome. Therefore, we should be careful what we put in our mouth.

For instance, there are many people who are sensitive to gluten. Others may not find themselves sensitive to gluten, but the reality inside an inflammation is going on. Make it a habit eating healthy organic whole foods like fruits and vegetables. These foods are good sources of enzymes feeding the good bacteria in the gut.

Additionally, genetically modified organisms(GMO) have been known to cause long-term damage to the gut. For individuals who are overweight and struggling to lose weight, there’s a good chance something is wrong in the gut microbiome.

Fermented foods are rich in enzymes called probiotics. Regular consumption of these types of foods can improve gut health. There are a wide variety of fermented foods including kimchi and sauerkraut.

Caring The Microbiome on the Skin

Now that we know microbiome exists in the skin, we should also be careful what we’re applying on it. Chemicals including cosmetics can damage the microbiome on the skin. Make sure you choose carefully the cosmetics you’re applying on your body. This way, you’re minimizing exposure to chemicals. As we know today, our environment has been polluted with various harmful chemicals including pesticides and industrial wastes.

What’s The Latest on Microbiome?

The NIH launched the Human Microbiome Project and produced 100s of peer-reviewed publications, other organizations like the American Society for Microbiology is also doing studies on the microbiome. Here’s the latest report and development in the world of human microbiome research.

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