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Yoga Stretches You Can Do Easily At Workplace For Better Focus and Energy


Working in an office environment where a desk is the primary place of work, it’s very tiring and during mid day or mid afternoon, it’s usual to feel fatigue. Stretching helps the blood flowing well and feel energized.

Fortunately, it’s not necessary to head to the gym or go home for a stretch. Simple sequence of stretches below are very helpful in releasing tensions on shoulders and upper back areas.

Not only these sequence of stretches helpful for office individuals but for those who are staying at home as well whose activities are not that mobile.

One effective way of avoiding the tension build-up or tightening of muscles in the neck, shoulders and back areas is to take a break often.

And, while taking a break follow these simple stretches to restoring vitality and feel energized again to help carry on the rest of the workday.

These simple sequence of stretches can be done either standing, sitting on a chair, or on the floor. It takes a few minutes to do this and it’s always a good idea prior to doing the stretches, do some basic warm-up. It doesn’t take long…simply take a few deep breaths and be mindful on every inhale and exhale.

Underarm Stretch

Underarm Stretch

Between The Shoulder Blades Release

Between The Shoulder Blades Release

Front of the Shoulder Stretch

Front Of The Shoulder Stretch

Top of the Shoulder Stretch

Top of the shoulder stretch

For more office yoga stretches, checkout Yoga Journal.

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