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Placebo Effect Is Manifestation On How Powerful The Human Mind Is (Specially On Self-Healing)

Placebo Is Mind Power Healing

Have you heard of the Placebo Effect? I hope you do. This is widely used on clinical studies when evaluating the effective of certain dietary supplement, or medication. I don’t know if you’ve experienced this once or several in your life where you feel not taking any medications when you’re sick but ended up getting well without any intervention.

A few years ago, I first encountered this placebo stuff, but I wasn’t thinking it was really using a person’s mind power to be effective at self-healing, or otherwise use it unconsciously in a negative manner resulting to illness, or suffering due to some negative suggestions.

Later, I’ve discovered and just a few months ago that we really have the power to heal. Back in January(2015) this year, I’ve decided to practice self-healing like headaches, back pains, and among other typical pains, I experience when it happens I immediately reach for a pain reliever. To my surprise, it is working!

Now, the pain didn’t disappear immediately as the wind blows away the smoke. But I can tell the difference between taking medications and using the mind power for self-healing. Medications, for instance, pain reliever takes a few minutes, or mostly up to half an hour to take effect on me. When it take effect, I usually take another one or two in order to make the pain completely disappear. Should I say, it takes up to a day before the pain is completely gain. However, mostly I experience some dizziness and bitterness in my mouth due to the pain reliever.

On the other, using mind power takes about a few hours to take effect. And, yes it can take as much as a day for the pain to disappear completely, but sometimes a lot quicker than taking a pain reliever, but without the side effects of dizziness and bitterness.

What I Do When Using Mind Power For Self-Healing?

I’m sure you’re waiting to reach this section to know how am I able to achieve it. It’s very simple, but it might not be simple for the majority who have clutter mind and lots of random thoughts coming in and out.

First, you need to quiet yourself. To achieve this quietness, I do deep breathing and only focus on my breathing. I follow the air I inhale from my nose to the heart and lungs, and so does when I exhale following the air from my lungs passing to the roof of my mouth exiting at my nose.

You can also do inhaling through the nose, and exhale through the mouth. Inhale deeply up to 5 seconds and exhale deeply, as well. I do this for 30 minutes and focusing on breathing for 10 to 15 minutes feeling all my muscles relaxed. When I feel so relaxed, I start focusing on the spot where the pain is. For instance, if the pain is on my back, I focus on it easily without stress for another 10 to 15 minutes.

It is vital to completely relax when doing this, as I’ve tried before where I’m too anxious and tense during focusing on the pain, it didn’t work. But with a well-relaxed body, it works.

Now, you might say… how can you relax if you feel the pain? Indeed, it is difficult! How can you achieve such relaxation process in times of pain? The key is practice. Yes, do deep breathing and short meditation a few hours a day particularly during morning upon waking up, and during noon time right after taking your lunch time. Instead of taking a nap after lunch, do a short meditation instead. It’s a lot powerful than napping.

Now, as you become more in-tuned into meditation overtime, increase the length of time meditating…say up to half an hour. It’s fun, it’s healthy, and it’s proven to work when it comes to health and wellness.

Here’s a video talking about the power of the mind when it comes to self-healing, or should I say, the placebo effect with Lissa Rankin.

Lissa Rankin is not the only one who talked about this mind power or placebo effect. Bruce Lipton, a cellular biologist also talks about it.

These are only two of the people who confirmed my belief about mind power for self-healing. I’m sure there are many others out there specially those people who are involved in energy psychology, and energy therapy.

Now, you might be asking another question, if this works… we would not be needing any medications from pharmaceuticals? Well, in my opinion, and take note I’m not a doctor… this is just an opinion. Not all people will be able to achieve such level of self-healing specially when it comes to belief. The majority of us are programmed that we don’t have the capability to heal ourselves and we should depend on other people like doctors, energy healers, etc to heal our diseases.

I think what we need this time is to explore this amazing inner power within us. Bruce Lipton and Tom Campbell talked about the new evolution coming and it is not about adding new hands, legs, eyes, etc in the human body, but to form a better humanity bonded with love. Yes, LOVE… Love yourself, and if you love yourself, you should think of good health and better wellness maintain a healthy lifestyle, etc.

Norman Doidge, a psychiatrist and author of two best-selling books The Brain That Changes Itself and The Brain’s Way of Healing explains more about the placebo effect.

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