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Thinking Positive Is Beneficial For Your Heart Health

Positive Thinking Heart Health Benefit

Adopting an ever positive outlook on life could potentially save many lives. In Chinese medicine, the heart is associated with joy along with the small intestine. Therefore, joy and happiness are both nourishing to the heart.

In one study1, researchers at Johns Hopkins say that positive thinking has a protective benefit to the heart. This is why positive thinking could help someone from having a heart attack if those who are at high risk.

Positive Thinking Heart Health Benefit – The Study

Researchers at Johns Hopkins followed 1,483 individuals who have siblings died or suffered a heart attack before their 60th birthday. They followed up the participants after 12 years, and here’s what they found;

  • 208 coronary events among the study participants
  • Participants with the most positive outlook had 33% lower risk of experiencing heart-related problems

Moreover, the researchers find that even those high at risk of heart-related problems have 50% lower incidence of coronary events. This is something amazing knowing how a simple shift of attitude and to think positively can positively impact heart health.

Furthermore, another study reviewing 5,992 individuals with 16 years worth of data have supported the previous findings. In the later study, researchers found 13% lower risk of heart problems on those individuals with upbeat attitudes.

Positive Thinking Protective Benefit

Although the Johns Hopkins team haven’t figured out exactly the exact link between heart health and positive thinking, they suggest positive attitude has a protective effect against inflammatory damage of stress.

We observed a consistent protective effect for positive well-being for all levels of Framingham risk: low, intermediate, and high. However, it is notable that an almost 50% reduction in the incidence of CAD, controlling for all major risk factors, occurred in GeneSTAR siblings in the highest FRS category.

Also, the intermediate risk sibling group had a 30% reduction in CAD, while the general population had a 13% reduction in CAD risk. This suggests that positive well-being may be particularly important for the highest risk groups.

Be Positive and Joyful

When we feel happy and joyful, we feel mentally clear. This mental clarity allows us to process any experiences that go through us particularly stress and loneliness.

Lacking joy in life makes the heart suffers. It makes us feel stuck, difficulty getting good quality sleep and mentally chaotic. On the other hand, obsessive joy is a sign of scattered energy of the heart.

This is bad as this can cause severe mental-emotional disorders. Furthermore, overstimulated heart energy could lead to insomnia, palpitations, and agitation. Therefore, it is important to note that even positive emotions can be out of balance.

Achieving Positive Thinking

Most people have difficulty achieving positive thinking or outlook on life. Today, all types of media are talking negativity from morning to evening news including talk shows.

So, how can we manage to maintain positive thinking amidst the chaotic environment we’re living? Simple, through meditation.

Even with just a few minutes a day of meditation or mindfulness can have a significant positive impact on our well-being.

Another thing is to boost mental strength. Regular mindfulness practice is beneficial for achieving mental clarity. In addition, regular sun exposure and exercise are also beneficial for both brain and heart health.

Dr. Stephen Sinatra on Positive Thinking on Heart Health

Dr. Snatra is a board-certified cardiologist with a specialty in integrative medicine and a certified bioenergetic psychotherapist.

Does Negative Emotions Causes Heart Problems?

A study2 says negative emotions like anger, anxiety, and depression are potential risk factors for heart disease.

Positive Impact of Joy On The Heart

When we think positively and make it a habit, we feel a sense of lightness, mental clarity, and joy. Probably, the best way to begin positive thinking is through a smile.

A genuine smile brings out love. And guess what, aside from the emotion of joy, love is a very potent way of nurturing both the visible and invisible aspects of the heart.

An act of smiling produces positive emotional energy throughout the entire body. This energy or Qi in Chinese medicine heals the heart and basically every other organ, as well as causes its physiology to change.

The Association for Psychological Science says that smiling has a stress-relieving effect. So, why not face the mirror and smile. Doing this every morning upon waking is a great idea and an amazing way to express gratitude.

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