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A Quick Guide To Choosing and Buying Supplements That Support Your Healthy Lifestyle

Supplement Buying Guide

Whether you’re visiting an online health store, or even at health store at your local place you find yourself confused which one suits your needs. Most of the time, especially for first-timers who want to get into supplementation end up empty handed when they get out of the health store.

With all the enticing labeling that includes a fancy people dressed in a white coat to a group of people having a good time, or even an ideal family seems to be calling you to choose that particular supplement. It can truly get confusing, and without the basic knowledge of supplements, most people would simply buy what the salesman offers to him without even reading the nutritional label.

In addition to that, your doctor might have told you not to take too much supplementation like Vitamin C as it can cause liver damage and kidney stones. However, if you’ve watched the documentary Food Matters, which is available at Amazon, this is not the case.

However, the experts discussing and recommending the supplements on this documentary have been using it to treat disease. In most cases, we would not be at that point as we simply want something to support and fill what our diet is lacking.

Do We Really Need To Take Supplements?

In a perfect world with a perfect diet and totally ideal lifestyle, we don’t need to. However, let’s face the fact that today our world is far from perfect. Even though many of us are living and thriving healthy without any sort of supplement, it’s not always the case.

In fact, what we see most of the time is the complete opposite where people are suffering from depression, anxiety, and among many illnesses and healthy conditions that can be solved through supplementation.

Therefore, in our modern world, taking a supplement is a good and healthy option in order to support what we’re eating and how we’re living. Our health these days is far from ideal when compared to the quality of health and living experienced by our forefathers.

Isn’t It Enough To Eat Clean And Healthy Without Taking Supplement?

It’s true that eating clean and healthy is a must and everyone should do that along with a healthy lifestyle of having regular physical activity, getting enough rest, and avoiding damaging vices like too much alcoholism and smoking.

Additionally, our food supply today particularly those in the urban areas where the fruits and vegetables are sourced from miles away, and in some cases imported from other countries, the quality and nutrient contents degrade no matter how much preservation like freezing or putting them in the right temperature is done.

Healthy and Clean Eating Plus Supplementation

Another thing that’s scary is the food processing done that includes many processing ingredients that can be harmful in the long run when consumed consistently. Plus, have you heard about genetically-modified produced?

There had been lots of debates regarding the dangers of GMO, and it seems more and more experts agree there are underlying health risks of consuming such produced.

Interestingly, WHO(World Health Organization) roughly calculate that our current nutrition has something to do with the 85% of the diseases that we have today. Isn’t it ridiculous that our nutrition is doing harm instead of good?

This is the reason why sometimes we should question the food we’re taking into our body. It fuels us, and if the fuel is bad, our body acts on it negatively, as well. It’s putting the wrong fuel into an engine can render the engine inefficient, or even damage it.

Our modern method of farming practices mostly orchestrated by the leaders in the food industry including giant food companies, supply chains, and manufacturing do not follow healthy procedures anymore that can give the consumer the maximum health benefits.

Today’s food production is mass produced and profit-driven. Therefore, the final products that reach to our plates and eventually to our body don’t have the full nutrients our body craves but contain some sort of harmful ingredients when consumed on regular basis.

Several Factors That Affect Food Quality And Degrade Nutrients Content

  • Environmental contamination
  • Air and water pollution
  • Overheating and over-processing
  • Chemical alteration
  • Extended preservation and refrigeration
  • Soil deficiencies due to abused on using chemicals for farming purposes

Benefits Of Supplements

The Benefits Of Taking Supplements

There are many studies that supports the benefits of increasing nutrient intake through taking essential supplements regularly including;

  • Boosts the body’s immune system
  • Helps reduce stress levels
  • Improve skin health and complexion
  • Better hair growth
  • Helpful in lowering blood pressure
  • Promote mental health and clarity
  • Helpful for weight loss
  • Reduce food cravings by increasing metabolism and suppressing uncontrolled appetite
  • Increase energy levels and concentration
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Improve digestive function

Lastly, let’s not forget that a combination of a healthy and clean diet plus regular supplementation routine can help prevent the occurrence of chronic illnesses like Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. Hence, taking regular and appropriate supplementation is crucial for achieving and maintaining optimal health.

Synthetic vs Natural Supplements

Natural vs Synthetic Based Supplements

Most vitamins sold in health stores, and even those found in groceries and certain outlets are full of synthetic ingredients. Synthetic-based supplements are isolated parts extracted from foods. Although these are naturally occurring, isolated nutrients are not complete and sometimes manufacturers put some fillers or additives.

These synthetic supplements have longer shelf life and cheaper. However, the lack the various supporting enzymes, and phytonutrients, as well as the co-factors that are found natural sources consumed as whole food.

Synthetic-based supplements are not bad at all as people with certain health conditions that require high-dosage of these specific nutrients need them. But, as a daily supplement purpose, stick with supplements that contain natural ingredients.

What To Look For Prior To Choosing and Buying Your First Supplement?

When it comes to taking supplements it varies from person-to-person based on needs, plus don’t forget everyone is different. However, when it comes to the criteria on picking supplements, there are certain general rules that are helpful on picking the right supplement.


Before buying a supplement, always check if the ingredients used in the formulation are all-natural with no artificial fillers and additives. Normally, this is indicated in the supplement description and on its label.

A supplement with all natural ingredients containing authentic life-giving nutrients as opposed to synthetic ones. Whenever possible, always look for organic and read the reviews of the previous customers of that supplement.


This part might require a bit of research as there are supplement manufacturers with outrageous health claims, which to some extent the supplement is promoted as a magical or miracle pill. So, be cautious of claims that are too good to be true because most of the time they’re not true.

Also, carefully check the label if they have references to back their health claims. Also, take the time to scan detailed users feedback and see if you can find good evidence the supplement is worthy of your money and safety.


There are people who want to take supplements as part of a treatment. If this is the case, it may be necessary to opt for specific vitamin supplementation, which can sometimes mean opting for a synthetic type.

Remember, synthetic is more specific and contains isolated vitamin that when taken in high doses can provide desirable effects in just a short amount of time. However, for day-to-day purposes, always opt for natural-based supplements. These naturally formulated options can be easily absorbed and metabolized by the body just like eating the foods.


Almost every supplements have different strength. If you’re not sure about what dosage you require, it’s better to talk to your doctor and ask about it. Particularly, it is wise to look for a doctor who is more naturopathic because he or she can guide you as to the right level of strength you need.

Remember, sometimes natural ingredients can interfere with certain medications (if you’re taking some sort), so make sure you consult your doctor if you’re taking any medications prior to taking any supplements.

Where To Buy Supplements?

Now that you know and armed with the essential information for choosing your first or next supplement, it’s time to get them. But, where? Earlier I’ve mentioned health stores and outlets where you can buy supplements.

Even online there are many reputable sources to buy supplements, but probably the biggest source of supplements online is Amazon.

Just keep in mind, it can be confusing, so always refer to your baseline or criteria of choosing a supplement for your needs. Also, don’t ignore the reviews because it’s in the reviews you can find ideas whether a particular supplement is good or bad.

On the other hand, use your common sense when reading reviews as there are tons of reviews that are vague and don’t include any details why they don’t like and remember everyone is different particularly the quality of diet and lifestyle hugely affect one’s results from taking supplements.

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