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Restorative Yoga Pose To Relieve Stress After A Long Day Of Work

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Previously, I’ve shown you a demonstration of a simple pose even a none Yoga practitioner can do without any difficulty called Leg-Up The Wall, and stretching using a roller foam.

In this post, another simple Yoga pose you can do at home, which is really relaxing and restorative especially after a long day of work. This post is called restorative fish pose.

Restorative fish pose is demonstrated by Jules Mitchell, a Yoga teacher at Udaya.com. This post is helpful for people who are at work and done excessive sitting that has been known to deteriorate muscles.

It has also been found when these muscles are deteriorated, it’s difficult for someone to lose weight, hence, stimulating these muscles physically is vital through walking, running, and probably the smart way of stimulating is through Yoga.

As you can see in the video demonstration, it requires Yoga blocks, but you can also use blankets or even pillows as a replacement. Keep in mind, if this is the first time doing this, always begin with a blanket that you can adjust according to your comfort.

Do this pose at least two minutes and roll over to your side, then lie on your back flat to feel the benefits of the restorative fish pose.

And, as you perform this often and regularly, you’ll find that you’ll be able to do this without the support either blanket, pillow, or Yoga blocks, but it’s more effective when using the blocks.

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