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The Science Of Happiness Or Positive Psychology

Science of Happiness

The science of happiness refers to positive psychology, a new field in social science. On the other hand, positive psychology is not positive thinking as believed by some. This new field in social science is a broad experimental application and research worldwide.

The science of happiness or positive psychology is the study of those things that make living life worthwhile, according to one of its pioneers.

Although, conventional psychology possess lots of advantages in allowing people to get what they want and also fix things that are wrong; positive psychology, however, works constructively in helping people get more of what they want resulting to better and happier individuals.

In fact, it is called as psychology building by the executive director of IPPA(International Positive Psychology Association).

Positive psychology functions on the basis that an individual acknowledge both sides of life; light and dark. It focuses on positive aspects or elements of one’s life like positive emotions, purpose, resilience, relationships, strengths, and creative achievement. Moreover, it endeavors to build healthy institutions, engaged and joyful individuals, and expanding communities.

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