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A Simple Yoga Pose That Relieves Stress Effectively – So Simple A Non-Yoga Practitioner Can Do


This technique has been originally published at WomensHealth, and when done often even everyday it is one of the effective and simple to do stress relieving techniques anyone can do.

The simple yoga pose is called Leg-Up The Wall, which has been regarded as cure-all yoga posture. It’s relaxing and simple to do. Other benefits aside from an effective stress reliever include fights insomnia and provides better sleep, an excellent soothing technique for tired legs, and provides and overall body and mind relief especially during a long day of stressful work at the office.

Personal experience, it’s best done prior to sleeping by performing the pose for 5 to 10 minutes or longer and then get to sleep. It’s also more relaxing if combined with deep breathing while doing the pose.

This can also be done anytime of the day. For example, if you want to lay down after lunch to relax, do this post with deep breathing for a more relaxing and energizing experience that can help you go through the remainder of the day effortlessly.

During weekends, while wanting to recharge and unplug from the busy hi-tech world, do this, too.

It’s easy. It’s free!

Leg-Up The Wall Demo

The video demo has been presented by Kathryn Budig, creator of Aim True Yoga, which you can get from Amazon. She is also a contributor and co-authored The Women’s Health Big Book Of Yoga.

If you’re interested in getting started with Yoga but haven’t done it yet, Leg-Up The Wall is the pose you should start. Regular Yoga practice is very effective for health maintenance purposes.

Some doctors have been prescribing it lately as part of an overall treatment. It’s also been regarded as the new version for cardio workouts.

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