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Simple Yoga Poses You Can Do Every Day At Certain Time Of The Day


Some of these poses might have been repeated from previous yoga poses. But, that’s OK because certain yoga poses can serve for many purposes.

On the other hand, attending a Yoga class may not be on everyone’s schedule, but the good news is anyone can do simple Yoga poses at home, and it’s advisable specially if you’re a busy individual sitting all day at work to establish a Yoga or de-stressing routine prior to getting sleep.

This makes you feel relax and achieve better sleep. For men experiencing bad performance in bed, there are yoga poses for premature ejaculation, as well as yoga poses for improving sexual health in both men and women.

If there’s one physical activity you should aim regardless of your busy days, it’s doing Yoga routine on regular.

With that all that in mind, you can do certain Yoga poses at certain time of the day to boost mood and even help with digestion. Whether it’s midnight at home or workplace, there are Yoga poses appropriate at certain time depending on your needs.

But, again a particular Yoga pose can be done or serve many purpose. Make no excuse not to do any of the poses below throughout your day. Even if you missed one, do one pose next time. One good thing about doing this throughout the day, it’s more beneficial than doing all the poses in a single session as in a Yoga class.

Of course, attending Yoga class allows you to learn more poses and with the guidance of an instructor you’ll be guided accordingly.

But, don’t let perfect pose be your barrier. Simply do what you can and do it repeatedly everyday until you become more efficient at it. Practice is the mother of all skills, so do a little of it everyday and in no time you’ll be a master, too.

Cat-Cow Pose

This pose is great for stretching upon waking up.

Downward Dog Pose

This pose is also a great stretching upon waking up. It’s almost similar to “cat-cow” but this is more intense.

Standing Forward Fold Pose

This pose is perfect during mid-morning especially if you’ve been sitting on your desk. This pose stretches the legs and back.

Seated Forward Fold Pose

Perfect pose after a few minutes of taking your lunch. This helps the digestive system.

Warrior 2 Pose

A mid-afternoon wake up pose. This pose has been known to boost the feeling of security, capacity for courage, and sense of self-confidence. With that said, if you feel low and crashing sometime between 3 and 4 PM, do this pose instead of reaching for a sugary drink like coffee or soda.

Pigeon Pose

After a long day of work, we came to end our day with a nice relaxing stretch to our hips releasing the tensions. Pigeon pose is very helpful for this situation and great when done during the evening prior to sleep.

Child‘s Pose

If the Pigeon pose is good for an evening stretch in releasing tension on the hips, follow it up with child’s pose. This pose although looks simple, it is known as the ultimate yoga relaxation pose especially for preparing your mind and body for a restful night sleep.

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