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Cool Yourself Down With Sitali Breath Also Known as Cooling Breath


Sitali breathing technique is also known as “tongue hissing”. It’s a cooling yoga breathing technique for calming anxiety and settling the body. This practice is well-known. It’s called “tongue hissing” by some practitioners because of the sound it produced when the air is inhaled through the curved tongue or forming an “O” with the lips.

Refer to the video demonstration below for proper practice.

During the inhalation, a cooling and soothing sensation is felt over the tongue running through the throat. This freshness helps the body refreshed and relaxed. Do a few cycle of this breathing technique, or you can go on doing it for a few minutes.

Among the benefits of regular practice of “Sitali Breath” includes the following;

  • Soothes and cools down the body’s nervous system
  • Helps reduced body tensions
  • Helps reduced high-blood pressure
  • Helps in regulating digestive energy
  • Helps in regulating sexual energy(perhaps useful for people with premature ejaculation)
  • Provides detoxification and rejuvenating effects for the spleen and liver
  • Helps develop good focus and concentration

Sitali breath video demonstration performed by Gigi Yogini of YogaVibes.com

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