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Small Things You Can Do That Provide Dramatic Health Boost

Small Changes Healthy Lifestyle

Achieving a dramatic health improvement starts with small changes, and a bit of fun. Today’s environment is different compare to the early 1900s. There are lots of highly processed foods, unhealthy habits, and most people don’t care what they put in their mouth. Not only that, majority of men and women these days are caught with healthy lifestyle, too. Then, complain about their quality of life and state of health.

Here are 6 simple things you start doing today and gain positive impacts on your health, as well as overall quality of life. These are simple things, but most people neglect them…probably due to their simplicity. Don’t one of those people. Take responsibility of your life and health, and you’ll be rewarded with overflowing happiness because you’re healthy and live a well-balanced life.

Think Exercise As Part Of Your Lifestyle

Do Exercise

Thinking exercise as a physical fitness can often result to wanting a reward. What this means? Lots of people are thinking about their post-workout meal because they want to recover.

It’s not necessary. In fact, it’s considered as reward to yourself for doing the exercise. It may be a different story for bodybuilders, but you don’t need to do or exercise like a bodybuilder. Once you get into your 50s or 60s don’t do it anymore, at least for the majority.

Instead, look at workout as spending personal time with yourself similar to meditation and not to workout because you want to eat post-workout meal, or you want to workout because you want to burn off those calories from one whole pizza you’ve just ate.

Choose To Eat Dark Chocolate

Eat Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate are 70% made from cacao, which has flavanols helpful for reducing risk of cardiovascular disease. It’s also less sugar if there is high cacao content. And, the caffeine it contains can provide an energy boost for rest of the day. If you can, drink the real chocolate by making your own drink with cacao powder, which is really delicious plus you can control how much and quality of sugar you can put into it as sweetener, or drink it bitter…if you can.

Applying Vitamin C Directly On The Skin

Vitamin C Serum

This is a good news for women. Yes, you can use Vitamin C as facial moisturizer to help prevent skin oxidation that can damage collagen and elastic tissue. Pick a skin care product with 10% to 20% Vitamin C content.

Don’t put higher content of Vitamin C as it can be harsh on skin. A 10% to 20% Vitamin C content is just right in order to enjoy the benefits.

You will be able to find Vitamin C skin care at your local beauty store, or if you don’t have time to check it out, try going online and search Amazon.com for a wide variety of beauty and skin care products that contain Vitamin C.

Meditate Regularly

Initially, meditation can be difficult, but don’t give up and keep trying. If if you’re meditating for the first time, it’s almost the opposite of what meditation can do. Many people can clear up their mind during meditation for the first time. It’s not the case for the few, however, as some people are able to get it after few tries without difficulty. Meditation does not require you to focus and sit for hours as those Tibetan monks do. If you want, watch videos at YouTube, or read books about practical meditation for Western people.

One valuable piece of advice when it comes to meditation is not blank out the mind as some people said. You can’t prevent thoughts coming from every direction of your mind. The key is to focus on a single thing that you find calming such as sounds of a stream of running water, or sounds of waves at the beach. If you still have difficulty, try using and listening to subliminal sounds of nature with running water and birds chirping in the forest. It helps a lot when it comes to calming the mind and you can be able to meditate for longer than 15 minutes, and even up to 30 minutes.

Prioritize Eating Vegetables

Vegetable Course

If you’re eating with people in a buffet mostly, vegetables are often ignored. During dinner meeting, or even at home, prioritize eating vegetables. Give it a priority place in your place and you’ll find later you’ll be eating fewer calories plus you get a variety of nutrients from vegetables like fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Prioritize Sleep

Good Nightly Sleep

The best and healthiest sleep is during night time. There are research suggesting lack of adequate rest can affect the heart and increase risk of heart problems like stroke and heart attack. Aim to sleep between 6 to 8 hours depending on you as there are people who sleep with 5 hours of quality sleep can equal the benefit of those sleeping at 9 hours with less quality. Aim to achieving deep sleep. Of course, there are unavoidable occasions to sleeping late, that’s fine as long as there is a reason for it and not making it a habit.

Hopefully, these small changes can help you achieve better health and wellness. Some of these may be difficult to implement for beginners who are get used to doing unhealthy habits, but deciding to embark on any or combinations of these healthy lifestyle is a smart decision. Medical experts have been using placebo effect in many experiments, but it turned out it is one of the best medicine available to us and it’s free. These healthy habits when implemented consistently can provide a huge impact in a positive.

For more health and wellness tips, check our blog for more related articles. Don’t just read, but apply it to your daily life as it’s in the application where you get the benefits and enjoy health and wellness.

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