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Blue Light Emitted By Your Smartphone Ruins Circadian Rhythm and Quality of Sleep

Smartphone On Sleep Cycle

One of the pillars of health and wellness is quality sleep. It contributes to the brain health along with regular exercise. Unfortunately, blue light emitted from smarphones, tablets, and television sets impair normal sleep rhythm.

How Does Blue Light Impact Sleep Rhythm?

To help us understand better, let’s hear from an expert what really happens to the eyes when it received blue light. Unfortunately, regardless of the dangers and awareness of the negative impact of blue light, many are ignoring it. One example, the expert in this video, but he admitted it’s not healthy.

Hopefully, as soon as you knew this information, it raises awareness in you. Technology is somewhat a double-edged sword. However, using them responsibly can avoid the trouble. For instance, wireless phones including smartphones and tablets are risks for male fertility.

Hence, stop using your smartphone 1 to 3 hours prior to bed. In fact, it’s not just your smartphone, but don’t watch television, or any gadgets emitting this spectrum of light prior to bedtime. This can help you maintain and reset your circadian rhythm to normal for quality sleep.

Blue Light Damages The Retina

If you think only sleep cycle is affected by blue light, think again. The damage goes further and causing macular degeneration.

Blue Light Is More Damaging For Children

If you let your kids play with your smartphone, they’re affected by the damaging effect of it. One doctor explains the reason children are more vulnerable to this light spectrum.

What Can You Do To Stay Safe?

There are many studiesRef Ref that found the negative consequences due to blue light exposure. Organizations like the European Commission and NIH both recognized its health risks.

If you’ve watched the video earlier in this article, it’s not just the eyes that are vulnerable to this spectrum of light. It has been also mentioned that it increases risk of breastRef and prostateRef cancers.

Fortunately, you have control in order to avoid the unhealthy consequences. Turn off and don’t use your smartphone 1 to 3 hours prior to bed. In addition, turn off TV and other blue light emitting devices like tablets, and game consoles.

One thing you can do to improve sleep quality is to meditate. Meditation or mindfulness prior to sleeping is good for boosting sleep quality. Or even journaling is a good one, too.

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