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Tai Chi Breathing Exercises For Beginners with Video Demo


Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art not only for defensive purposes but also linked with many health benefits. This type of martial arts has evolved over the years from fighting purposes to a natural and effective way of alleviating anxiety and stress.

As a matter of fact, tai chi is considered a meditation in motion, which is very helpful in promoting inner peace and serenity.

Tai Chi As Pain Reliever

Tai chi is a vital alternative approach for relieving pain. In fact, it has been proven to provide crucial benefits to men and women with arthritis like osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. It has also been found to be effective for lower back pain and fibromyalgia.

Men and women who regularly practice tai chi reported improvements in their conditions including pain, stiffness, fatigue, and overall wellness. Tai chi has also been found helpful for older people and improved psychological wellness.

Hence, we should consider practicing it even its basic for health and wellness purposes. And, the perhaps the most important to learn is to learn the fundamentals breathing techniques.

Learning Tai Chi

The best way to learn the beginners breathing techniques is coming from the master. Below is a video demonstration by Master Pei‐Yi Li. She is the president of Taiwan Tai Chi and Wushu Academy.

This breathing routine brings together the ancient Chinese initiation techniques, or Dao Yin Gung into an 8 body gestures or movements.

While in standing firmly on both feet, the breathing flow is guided with a sequence of either clockwise or counter-clockwise movements like embracing, opening, circling, ascending and descending the shoulder girdle.

The torso rise and fall by bending and extending the knees. Slow and smooth breathing is naturally followed by the flow of movement by the body.

Beneficial To Memory

Tai chi is also suitable for cognitive behavioral therapy. Due to these positive health benefits, tai chi has been gradually integrated on many medical practices. As a result, tai chi from being an alternative rehabilitation treatment is now becoming an integral part of a healthy lifestyle.

Some people, just as Yoga, tai chi play a part of maintaining a better sexual health.

Watch how a master execute the tai chi breathing technique.

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