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7 Things You Should Know About Yoga Prior To Getting Into It


Has anyone told you that Yoga is fascinating? Yoga is not just for all those who want flexible, but for everyone who wants to enjoy the health benefits it offers.

It’s good for the body, mind, and spiritual aspect because Yoga does not only affect physical but self-esteem and way of thinking. There have been many who attempted Yoga, persisted and have success enjoying its benefits. However, there are also those who attempted practicing Yoga but quit and failed due to lack of perception on it.

This article will cover some of the basic facts about Yoga that can help you understand its fundamental purposes, eventually leading you to succeed its practice and enjoy the many benefits it offers for long-term.

1. Yoga Is A Practice or Lifestyle

Yoga Practice and Lifestyle

When it comes to exercise, majority perceived it as a routine, and sometimes you just need to do the workout, or otherwise you won’t get the results you want. With Yoga, on the other hand, it’s a part of life.

You don’t do Yoga because there is a race you’re preparing ahead, although, doing so will definitely help. In Yoga, you don’t train for a specific training or event, it simply a part of life just as taking a bath, or eating your meals.

This is where the majority of people who get into Yoga failed because they’re trying to achieve quick results in a short time. Well, guess what, depending on how you practice, there are no quick results, but it’s an ongoing commitment to practice Yoga.

You might have heard someone say, he or she is practicing medicine, which simply means it’s a commitment to go through it and do it regularly every day for a lifetime. Yoga is the same. It requires commitment.

In fact, Yoga practitioners do not consider their day complete without doing Yoga because it’s already a part of life. It’s also similar to the perception of supplementation. A lot of people take supplementation as medicine, but in fact, supplementation is not medication.

When you get into Yoga, make sure you have a purpose for it, and it’s not difficult to know what is your purpose because majority gets into Yoga practice for health benefits.

When referring to health benefits, it’s not just about the body, but the mind and soul, as well in even your sexual health can have tremendous improvements if you keep practicing Yoga. In fact, men who suffer from premature ejaculations can benefit Yoga practice.

2. You Don’t Need To Be Flexible and Stretchy To Do Yoga

Flexibility and Stretchy

A lot of people are hesitant to do and practice Yoga because they’re not flexible. You don’t have to be flexible to before starting Yoga.

Yoga will help you along the way to be flexible as you practice it regularly. It’s similar to a small child who doesn’t know how to write, yet. That child need not to be good at writing before he/she can start writing. Practice makes perfect, and the better and more dedicated you are in practicing Yoga, the better the results you’ll achieve.

Most people prior to practicing Yoga can’t even touch their toes, and for many this is enough to not get into Yoga. However, with few sessions of Yoga, he/she may be able to touch the toes pretty easily and when sticks to the practice, sure a lot more advanced moves are achievable.

3. Not Easy To Do For First Timers

Yoga Beginner

To be honest right upfront, it’s not easy to do Yoga for the first time. Yoga has many styles just as in martial arts, there are different forms of practices, but all have the same purpose. It’s just each style has been done differently.

Some Yoga styles are meant for restorative purposes, which is for some could be an easy route, but for sure it’s not just sitting, breathing, and feeling or connecting to the Earth. Just like meditation, which is very easy to look at, but it’s actually difficult for the first timer to focus for a few minutes as the mind wanders.

Of course, there are beginner Yoga poses designed for first timers. Once the beginner poses become easy to perform, start modifying or do more challenging moves or poses.

This is why Yoga is progression and practice instead of mastering something like doing push-ups of 50. For men and women out there who are always looking for intense and hard workouts, try stopping by at your local Yoga studio class and experience the difference. You may be amazing at doing high-intensity interval training and weight lifting, but not flexible enough and get focus on your flexibility.

Now, if you choose to practice Yoga when you’re already doing high-intensity workouts, you could be better… a lot better in the long run, or even boost your endurance in actual competitions due to improved focus and positive outlook that Yoga can provide.

4. Hand/Head Stands Are Not Just For Yogis


You’ve seen this on TV, and mostly online particularly on social media where Yogis do a handstand. Anyone who practice Yoga can do a handstand, but of course, if you’re just beginning, be willing to fall down. There is no quick and one-shot of doing it.

I should also note, even people who don’t practice Yoga can do handstand through practice. I know it because I have a friend who can do it even without Yoga experience. He can even walk on his hands upside down.

And, for people who just beginning to practice Yoga, handstand is one of those poses you should aim, which could be outside of your comfort zone. Doing something outside of your comfort zone makes you advanced to more difficult poses, which if you stick to it, you would be a master of those advanced poses.

Keep in mind, falling out in Yoga does not mean failing. It’s just another way of telling yourself to try again until you can do it perfectly and move forward to more advanced poses.

If you can’t do head or hand stand at this point, don’t get disappointed as you’ll get there. You might just need more balancing ability, so keep practicing.

Additionally, being able to perform these poses mean you already have an improved performance, self-esteem, and stronger courage to do it. Because…seriously, although this pose is simple to those who can do it, this is a very difficult challenge for some people. And, this could also men conquering your fears prior to doing it.

5. You’ll Learn To be Patient and Kind With Yoga


Prior to practicing Yoga, I easily get irritated and patient and perseverance is not in my vocabulary. In fact, I accepted these as out of my control and probably inherited these habits from someone in my family.

Through constant focus being done when practicing Yoga, it will eventually help you to become patient and kind. Imagine, you’re just beginning to practice Yoga and even the easiest pose is very difficult to perform, without patient and perseverance to follow through, quitting will be the last thing on your mind.

However, overtime as you practice Yoga more often everyday, these habits will be replaced with kindness, perseverance, and learn to accept the present moment.

This will also develop a sense of calmness allowing you to react to your environment in an orderly fashion. For instance, you’re in traffic and someone just cut you off. With a typical guy without patience, you’ll be shouting and get angry, which will then affect your mood and can perhaps result in unwanted consequences.

Another example is in the office, you find that one of your office stuff is missing, and turned out your colleague just borrowed it for a minute but intend to return it. Without the patient and being able to react nicely, you’ll become an angry person and perhaps say words that are unnecessary hurting the feelings of your co-workers.

6. You’ll Fall In Love With It Once You Get Started

Yoga For Life

Yoga is amazing! That’s for sure, and once you get started with it and begin to feel the benefits, it’s a start of your new love life with Yoga.

Among the potential benefits in which you can benefit from Yoga include but not limited to boost performance, health and wellness, and better moods. Of course, you’ll become more patient, perseverance, and lead to more good habits.

Self-confidence is another good thing that can develop when practicing Yoga, which is a huge boost in every aspect of a person. A clear mind is another one that results to better health and even achievements you thought impossible. When you have a clear mind, it’s easy to make decisions.

In short, Yoga helps yourself grow and move towards a more exciting area of your life. So, keep practicing!

7. Straps and Block Are Useful

Once you get used to the poses particularly advanced ones, you want to modify it using straps and blocks. While it’s OK to keep doing those poses without any aids, you’ll find more intensity when using straps and blocks.

You’ll find a lot of these on your local sports stores, or get it only at Amazon.com where you have a wide variety of choices when it comes to designs and brands.

These are some of the fundamentals you should know prior to getting into Yoga practice. By now, you know it’s a practice and requires commitment. There is no mastery on it unless you’ll practice it from childhood until you leave this earth, but even then… still there are other new techniques discovered that will be formulated with new practitioners.

Using The Yoga Strap

Using The Yoga Block

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