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Six Types Of Meditations That Are Widely Practiced From Across The Globe


Today, there are various types of meditations. In previous article, we’ve covered one among the many variation of meditations, Chakra meditation.

With regards to the exact number of meditation variations, no one knows exactly. In fact, if you master meditation long enough, you might discover your own way of meditating regardless of position, location, and situation.

For the purpose of this article, we will be introducing six well-known types or variations of meditation in which a lot of people are following from across the globe in every walk of life.

Watching The Breath

In this meditation technique, simply relax in whatever position you feel comfortable. Close your eyes, and begin focusing on your breathing. Follow your breathing from air entering to the nose and through the diaphragm until the air reaches the lungs. And, as you exhale, follow the warm air from your lungs until it is out on the nose.

It is very common for the mind to wanders. If that happens, simply re-focus and put your attention to your breathing. Do this for a few minutes. Typically, 5 minutes is a good start for beginners and increase the time as you do it more often.

Empty Mind Meditation

During meditation, it can create certain awareness at the present even without the object. This is done through emptying all thoughts from the mind, quieting the mind.

The technique involved sitting still, and often practitioners do a “full lotus” or commonly known as the cross-legged position. Let the mind quiet on its own by simply thinking nothing.

For beginners who are more in tuned to thinking in a business environment, this can be difficult to achieve, but it’s not impossible… simply keep doing it until the mind surrenders and quiet.

Walking Meditations

While the first two types or variations of meditation involved in sitting still, this technique is involved in moving the body, walking.

This walking meditation technique can be done outdoors or indoors by simply walking from one end to the other end of the room. When doing this technique, always pay attention or focus the movement of the legs along with breathing as you walk. Feel the feet in contact with the ground or floor.

As usual, when the mind wanders, bring back your focus the walking awareness. If you choose to do this outdoors, it is best to do it in a quiet park, or by the river side where not many people or distractions.

Mindfulness Meditations

In Buddhists practice, this is called vipassana or in plain English “insight meditation”. This technique is a way of becoming deeply aware of the present, right here, right now. Simply focus on what is happening at the present moment, become aware of your thoughts and feelings that are draining your energy…right here, right now.

To start mindfulness meditation, begin by making aware or watching your breath, then slowly put your focus on your thoughts, feelings, sounds, and sights around you…right here, right now. The goal of mindfulness meditation is to watch and be aware of everything in the present moment without judgment or analysis.

Simple Mantra Meditation

Many men and women who are practicing meditation find it a lot easier to still or quiet their mind if the focus on a certain thing. If you’re among these, a mantra can be helpful to you. In Mantra meditation, a word or phrase is used while sitting and meditating.

Typically, the word or phrase is chosen based on the person’s tradition by the teacher. Otherwise, simply choose a word or phrase you want to focus, and in Western culture, it can be an affirmation.

Any words or phrases can be used with this, but I prefer an affirmation to have more power. Really, this depends on you, but personally, I have great experiences with affirmation, so you can try it yourself, too.

The word or phrase can be spoken aloud, or simply keep and focus it on your thought.

Meditating On A Concept

In some practices, meditation involves contemplating on a particular scenario, or idea. For instance, meditation on impermanence wherein one focuses on the impermanent nature of things beginning with the thoughts and feelings observing both as they come and go.

Another example is the Buddhists meditation on the corpse which focuses on thinking about the body on the ground slowly rotting and feeding the worms. The goal of this technique is to guide the individual towards understanding that the rationalizing mind not bringing about.

There are widely six variations of well-known variations. However, there are many other variations being practiced from all over the globe including ones like object meditation and meditation on loving kindness.

Some are practicing meditation using brain wave technology like that of the Chakra Meditation. Lastly, meditation even reaches the realm of sexuality as Nicole Deadone, author of Slow Sex (available at Amazon) created the Orgasmic Meditation.

Each type has its own benefits, advantages, and effects. Therefore, it is important to know several of these techniques as there may bey times you may find certain variation is suitable for a certain situation.

Latest Research On Meditation

Even Busy People Like Entrepreneurs Can Still Have Time To Meditate

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Anyone can meditate. Personally, initially was very skeptical about meditation but as I go through it everyday, lots of positive changes happen. So, it’s your time to get started now. Pick any of the types of meditation mentioned here.

Don’t wait for the time to get perfect, just get started. The more often you do meditation, the quicker you’ll master it.

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