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Using The Imagination To Control and Overcome Food Cravings

Controlling Food Cravings

Mind power is real and can be used to overcome today’s one of the most difficult problem, food cravings. Foods loaded with high amount of added sugar are very common and available everywhere. These sweets are very difficult to resist for most people. Sugar, when consumed in high amount is bad.

Another reason sugar is difficult to avoid because it comes and hides in many names. The good news, we can use our own imagination to curb food cravings. Boston University put this into the test as Dr. Michael Mosley explains more in this video…

The idea is brilliant and it’s working based on the outcomes of the study. You might think this is the first time, but in 2008, there was one suggestion as reported NBC News about mentally ditching the diet.

Complementing Mind Power

Certainly, mind power works. However, in order to stay on track and sustain your will, you should complement it with food swapping. While trying to minimize consumption of sweets or other unhealthy foods, aim at eating more fruits and vegetables.

Including whole foods in your diet, the better and higher your chances of completely overcoming food cravings. Moreover, expand your mind power to control curb your cravings through mindfulness. Eating mindfully is essential and makes you aware of what you eat and its consequences.

Mind power is a great tool and ally when it comes to winning anything in life including food cravings. Keep in mind, that many of today’s modern illnesses including metabolic syndrome, diabetes, heart disease, and many others are caused by excessive sugar consumption.

Supplements That Suppressed Appetite

Researchers in England at the Imperial College of London discovered a no ordinary supplements for curbing appetite. It’s a bacterial-based supplement that is produced in the gut.

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