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Visual Presentation of the Chakra System


The chakra system is the body’s energy centers. It is essential to keep these energy centers open to allow energy to flow for good health and vitality. If you’ve been following, hopefully, you’ve already read and learned ways to opening the chakras.

Some yoga sequence is good for opening the chakras. Even a particular yoga pose like the wheel pose stimulates the entire chakra system and make them open with regular practice.

Of course, deep meditation is just as helpful in opening the chakras. Below is an interesting and informative presentation by Spirit Science on the chakra system. Elaborately, it explains more than just showing the colors and connection of the chakras to our emotions.

The chakra visual presentation mentioned of the frequency that each chakra operates.

Chakra System Disconnection

Our modern society is so focused materialistically. Even the modern healthcare system is not able to recognize the power behind nurturing the body’s energy centers.

Additionally, the rampant pollution in the air, water, and the entire environment also affects the chakras. Therefore, it is not only necessary to practice meditation and yoga regularly, but we should also be careful about the foods we eat.

Today, there are many advancements in the food industry. This result in abundance supply of food, and they’re cheap and widely available globally. But the question, are these foods suitable for nurturing humans?

Well, we’ve witnessed many diseases in recent decades that are almost unheard in the past. Why is that? Is it a coincidence with the advancements of food processing? If we look at it close attention, we can see it is a coincidence and there’s no doubt that modern food processing contributes to the many of today’s health issues.

What Can We Do?

While it is somewhat difficult to live without eating highly processed foods, we still have a choice. Today, many organic whole foods are still available. And, if we have a space at home, growing our own vegetables is a smart move.

Moreover, the water we drink also matters. For instance, one study says that fluoride is linked to low melatonin, a hormone secreted by the pineal gland during sleep time. Fluoride has been in many water supply system. Be aware that the water flowing to your home may be fluoridated.

Not only that but fluoride also adversely affects the entire endocrine system. This is the system in the body that secrets hormone. The chakra system is linked to these hormone-secreting organs.

In short, taking care of the chakra system involves spiritual through meditation, physical using yoga, and foods making sure they don’t contain harmful chemicals.

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