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What Is Kundalini Yoga?


Most of us think that yoga is about posture, stretching for flexibility and strength.

Yoga goes beyond the physical. It is a method of reaching spiritual awareness and opening the chakras. Yoga along with meditation are both excellent tools for achieving heightened spiritual awareness.

To explain more what is Kundalini Yoga, let’s listen to Guru Charan Singh Khalsa, director of training of the Kundalini Research Institute.

Benefits Consistent Kundalini Yoga Practice

Practicing yoga consistently comes without a price. Fortunately, kundalini yoga practice allows the practitioner to experience the following benefits both physical and mental improvements.

  • Become more productive, creative and relax
  • Feel healthier and happier as well as feeling more satisfied and fulfilled
  • Experience transformation in relationship and life
  • Enjoy a boost in energy
  • Enjoy higher levels of physical wellness
  • Develop and become accustom to using the intuition, which leads to attracting new opportunities
  • Excited to start a journey towards self-discovery eventually resulting to total happiness and compassion

Studies On The Benefit of Yoga

Yoga has been practiced in the East for thousands of years. It has been proven without a doubt that when regularly and consistently practice, it has positive effects on a person’s health and well-being.

Today, modern medicine is staring to catch up on employing and integrating yoga in various treatments. There are studies that proved the therapeutic benefits of yoga on individuals with neurological disorders.

Another study conducted by Harvard scientists found that it enhanced gene expression for insulin secretion and energy metabolism in just one session.

Not only the scientists found this positive effects, but there’s more. They also noticed a reduction of gene expression associated with stress and inflammatory response. These positive effects were apparent even on individuals who never had any experience.

In addition to that, yoga has also been found to helpful for longevity. These are just a fraction of the whole array of benefits yoga and meditation can offer.

Get into it and practice it consistently. You don’t have to allocate long hours of doing yoga and meditation. A few minutes a day is all you need to practice yoga.

Kundalini yoga is a powerful dynamic blend of stretching, breathing, physical postures, relaxation, meditation, and mantra. Doing all these in combination helps in activating the glandular system, expanding the capacity of the lungs, nervous system strengthening, and blood purification.

It is a safe and effective practice, and through consistent practice, it brings body to the mind, body, and soul. Most people can practice kundalini yoga regardless of experience, fitness, and age.

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