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15 Amazing Health Benefits of Whole Body Vibration Training

Whole Body Vibration Training Benefits

Regular exercise plays a huge role in staying physically and mentally fit. When it comes to weight loss, exercise along with healthy eating are both a must. But have you heard of whole body vibration training?

Of course, you might have heard about cardio workouts, high-intensity interval training, yoga, and other forms of physical workouts. However, not many people know how beneficial the whole body vibration training.

Unfortunately, not many people know about it. Perhaps, this involves using a specialized exercise machine. However, if you are a regular gym goer, you might have already seen or even used it as part of your exercise regimen in the gym.

If you want to buy one for yourself, it may not be easy for most people. The bigger whole body vibrating machines are expensive. Fortunately, there are smaller vibrating machines that cost less. You will find both choices online particularly on Amazon.com.

But, first, before you buy one for yourself or use the one in the gym, let us quickly learn the health benefits of whole body vibration training or exercise.

Known Benefits of Whole Body Vibration Training

  1. Increases muscle strength, especially explosive strength1
  2. Helps the body in increasing hormone secretion2 such as IGF-1, testosterone, and human growth hormone (HGH)
  3. Increases bone mass and mineral density, thereby decreasing the risk of osteoporosis3
  4. Slows down or counteracts age-related muscle loss4
  5. Helpful in reducing pain such as fibromyalgia5
  6. Boosts flexibility and mobility6
  7. Increases secretion of serotonin and norepinephrine
  8. Improve proprioception and balance7
  9. Stimulates proper lymphatic drainage
  10. Decreases cortisol levels, which means good for stress management
  11. Speed up recovery from injury
  12. Improves fitness in the elderly individuals
  13. Boosts neurological conditions
  14. Improves fat loss especially when in conjunction with resistance training in menopausal women8
  15. Reduces cellulite9

WBVT For Weight Loss

Let us talk more about one of the benefits of whole body vibration training, which is weight loss. Most of the time, this one of the top reasons people opt for this type of exercise in order to lose weight.

Yes, as mentioned, WBVT(whole body vibration training) is effective for fat loss especially when combined with resistance training. But you might say that study was for menopausal women and may have different outcomes for other people who simply want to lose weight.

Well, you’re wrong and that’s the good news about this. And, if you’re like other people who want proof, yes…there is. One study10 finds that WBVT is 54% more effective than traditional workout routines like strength training and aerobics.

Furthermore, in the study, the WBVT training causes more visceral fat loss. This the fat that accumulates in the abdomen area also known as the belly fat. And, interestingly, the researchers say that losing fat through the whole body vibration training makes gaining weight less likely.

This means that your weight loss efforts are worth it because you won’t likely to regain the weight. However, of course, you should incorporate a healthy eating plan or good nutrition practices along with WBVT.

Even more interesting, in another study11, researchers find that a 20-minute session on a whole body vibration machine improves the metabolic cost of the exercise. It means the boost in metabolism means better weight loss.

Whole Body Vibration Therapy Increases Bone Density (study)

Two of the valuable health benefits of the whole body vibration training includes increasing muscle strength and bone density. The University of Cologne in Germany has done a study12 and the results are promising.

Another study13 suggests that vibration training or therapy is favorable for the healing of bone and muscle tissues. Furthermore, a more recent systematic review14 says vibration therapy is also beneficial for cerebral palsy patients.

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