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Why Doing Mindfulness Matters?

Mindfulness Matters

It’s very clear that one of the most apparent issues in health today is stress. And, part of tackling stress, health experts used many tools like medications and therapy in which mindfulness is being introduced to patients with severe stress and pains that doctors can’t handle. This is why we often heard the term mindfulness these days and most of the time it is interchangeably used with meditation.

Initially, I thought mindfulness is meditation, but I have some doubts about what I thought. So, I so some research and came across many explanations until I stumbled a talk by Michael A. Singer author of two best-selling books The Untethered Soul and The Surrender Experiment.

I have a copy of The Untethered Soul and I have read and fascinated with it. I’ve learned a lot from that book especially, but not so much about mindfulness until I stumbled on his talk, which I included below.

I’ve talked about the importance of performing emotional hygiene, and mindfulness seems to fall in it, but there’s more. It’s about being mindful in everything we do and not thinking many things at once.

Michael explains it pretty well in his talk below. So, I encourage you to watch it. Although it’s a long video, please make to the Q&A part as there is an interesting and useful stuff he mentioned as he answered the questions from the audience.

Things that can truly lead to happiness and lasting satisfaction in life.

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