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Simply By Worrying About Heart Attack May Increase It’s Likelihood of Developing It

Worry on Health

Hypochondriacs are individuals who have abnormal anxiety about their health. In other words, worrying something might have happened to him or her. A Norwegian study published in the BMJ1 finds worrying about one’s health is bad.

In that study, researchers found those who are anxious about their health are 73% higher risk of developing heart disease.

Negative Impact of Emotion On Health

Mental and emotional health matters and have a significant impact on overall health and well-being.

Hence, instead of focusing on the negative side such as worrying about having a heart attack, focus on the positive side. Eat heart-friendly foods like eggs, exercise regularly, and stick with a healthy lifestyle eating habit like the Mediterranean diet.

Including healthy fats in the diet is also another essential factor for brain and heart health. And, perhaps taking good supplementations may also be helpful. Sleep is another good thing to consider. It’s not just good for brain health, but also for the heart.

Unhealthy habits you should be aware and avoid includes cigarette smoking, and excessive amount of refined and added sugars. Avoiding excessive alcohol consumption is also bad, but moderation may help lower risk of heart disease.

Stop worrying about your health. Instead, focus on living healthy! In one study2, researchers found that hypochondriacs carry the substantial long-term burden of functional impairment, personal distress and morbidity.

If you have a hard time overcoming hypochondria, seek professional health. One study published in the Lancet3 found that cognitive behavior therapy can be helpful. Additionally, meditation or mindfulness can also be helpful.

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