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Yoga For Weight Loss – Witness The Amazing Transformation Of A Man Who Lost 300 Pounds in 390 Days


When it comes to Yoga, many thought it’s primarily for relaxation and stretching purposes due to the nature of the poses which are light and slow.

However, a man named Dallas Page at DDP Yoga created a different type of Yoga, which is a power Yoga. This Yoga is somewhat intense and can effectively health lose weight when done as recommended.

The 510 pounds guy named Jared is just among the many successful individuals who lost a phenomenal amount of weight through DDP Yoga. When Jared, the 510 pounds guy approached the creator of DDP Yoga, he can hardly believe it.

Fortunately, Jared keeps track of his progress from the first week of doing Yoga and here is his story timeline of how he lose 300 pounds in 390 days. More of his amazing transformation story can be read at DDPYoga blog.

Jared achieved a phenomenal achievement through Yoga. And, Yoga is not the only means why he achieved such amazing results, but because of this decision.

At that time, when he turned 40, he decided once and for all even he’s not sure to take back his health. But because he is so determined and decided, everything falls into the right place to help him achieved such results.

Anyone can do it. If you’re obese and want to lose weight, YES, you can do it. It’s not just Jared who achieved such phenomenal results… there are many out there and if you do your own research, you’ll find a lot of these people who are obese and now enjoying a physically fit body.

If you don’t like Yoga, sure you can do other things that can help you lose weight. Make sure you’re fully decided and committed to fulfilling what you want to achieve.

If you watched the video, Jared’s journey is no walk in the park. He had difficulty doing it in the beginning due to his weight. But if you persist… small steps matter. In fact, if you watched the video to the end… you read a quote from Lao Tzu;

The Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step.

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